Monday, March 21, 2016

Teasers, information and release dates!

Work on v2c3m2 is going great and I'm guessing that I'll be able to release it early April to Patreons, late April to the public.  There will be a quest line involving the area underneath the Castra with Phoebe that will involve Terra heavily.  The lands to the west of Mountain Glory will also have a series of quests involving them and will add two new characters into the game, one of which will join your harem at the end.  I'll put up teaser images for them on the blog and forums.  A bit more conversation with Fiona as well as well as the resort in the Fishing village re-opening.  Already have 1 NC scene written, hoping to add another 1-2 before release.

Here's a pair of teasers for the pair of new characters being introduced in it!

Joan in particular was a blast to write, a bit different than any character I've done before.

I've decided to alter the public release dates a bit.  I will be releasing each update on the Friday of the last weekend of every month, so v2c3m1 will come out on the 25th, not the 27th.  I want to give you all weekend to play it before the end of the month.

Also, I've written a fairly detailed roadmap for future development on Patreon.  Swing over there if you want to check it out! 


  1. I love the first girls outfit. Also dem titties.

    I'm looking forward to the new stuff, and which one is Joan I wonder? There an inspiration there from a famous french lady?

    1. Mouse over the pictures :)

      And for the other question : All characters and events in this game—even those based on real people—are entirely fictional. All celebrity voices are impersonated.....poorly. The following game contains coarse language and due to its content it should not be played by anyone.

  2. hey man quick qus wants the m1 bit stand for? im guessing v2 is version 2 and c3 is chapter 3

    1. Minor release. The chapters are too big for me to get out on a monthly cycle which is really my goal. So what I do is spend about a half of each month working on the next big chapter and the other half on new content or important old content. The new content can be partitioned fairly easily and released monthly.

      Explained more here: