Saturday, July 23, 2016


It's my birthday!  Woot!  Going to have some fun tonight, but the day is for work.  Too much to do before 4m3 to take an entire day off.  But I do come bearing a pair of gifts!

First I've seen that Kimochi has been reborn through Nutaku.  I've always loved the Kimochi concept, trying to make a steam for adult games.  A one stop shop for x-rated games!  They weren't able to make a business model out of it but now they're working with Nutaku and I'm hoping that the project takes off!  I'd advise you to check it out!

Second, more teasers from 4m3!

The one negative piece of news today is that I didn't get the 10 forum user reviews to bump up the 4m2 public release date, so it will stay at the normal last Friday weekend (29th this time around).  I'll continue to try to think of ways to encourage forum participation with incentives!

Friday, July 22, 2016

7 of 10.

If you all want to get a public release today, get the word out!

Ah well, calling this a failure.  I'll have a few more 4m3 teasers tomorrow and try to think of something else next month.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

4m3 teasers!

Terra had won the Patreon vote to get a bonus scene in the 4m3 content and I just imaged it today.  Another one of your harem decided to help out her 'going away party', although you'll have to wait for release to see who it was!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

The importance of forums. A Challenge. And a Reward!

So I've talked about forums a few times, but I think it's critically important to the further growth of Harem.  While I'm absolutely astounded at the support I get through Patreon and the player response to the blog, but one thing I always want more of is player forum participation.  When someone looks at my blog or Patreon page, they're already a player and it's like I'm preaching to the converted.  But a forum post, more importantly a player recommendation, can get a new player.  And that's crucial if I want to turn Harem into a sustainable project.

So I'm putting out a challenge.  I want to see 10 'reviews' of Harem in forums.  While I don't want to create a form letter for this, I'd like to see people talking about what they like about Harem.  About how they think it could be improved.  About what they'd like to see developed further.  About what they think separates Harem from the other indie developed adult RPG games out there.  I'm active in a few different locations, here's the threads I'm active in.
Legend of Krystal

Also, if you create or point me to a thread on a board that I'm not on would definitely count as long as you leave feedback about Harem on it and link it to me here in comments.

And there would be a reward for your work!  If I get the 10 reviews, I'll bump the public release of 4m2 up a week.  From  7/29 to 7/22.  So if you've been wanting to support the ongoing development of Harem for a while but can't do so financially, here's a great chance for you to both help me promote Harem and get earlier access to the new 4m2 content as well!  I just ask that you take the time to write out something meaningful.  Something that someone whose never played Harem would read, pause and take the time to download and try the game!

If this does generate more conversations and interest in the forums, I'd definitely be interested in making this a recurring challenge with the same reward ongoing.  Although I will admit that I might raise the bar over time ;)

(one post per person please)

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Status update, 4m3 rough change log, polls changing

So a bit of personal info.  During the end of the 4m2 dev cycle I put in a string of 14+ hour days trying to get everything working right and an early July release.  Unfortunately I got myself sick in the process and had to take a light week afterwards to recuperate.  My own contribution to 4m3 will be a bit smaller as a result, but Hunter769 has decided to join the quest writing team and his ideas a pretty cool!  Between him and Hiro's work 4m3 should still be a decent sized update.
This is a preliminary change log, please don't view these as locked yet!
-The end of Kathleen's sequence may have resolved her past, but it was a bit of a cliff-hanger for the rest of Celee.  You'll have to work with the Celeean Swords to address this new threat and change your relationship with them fundamentally in the process.
-You control both of the human groups in the Westlands, but the peace between them is shaky at best.  You'll need to unify your followers before going further into this new land.
-Hiro is further expanding Heather, and she'll function as a quest hub inside of your Castra for those who have taken the time to capture her.
-Hunter769 is working on creating unique items for every character in the game gained through a quest series.  Because Terra and Donna won the poll (I'm calling it a tie) they'll be the first two to get quests for their unique gear.
-As Terra actually won the poll, she'll be getting a set of scenes in 4m3.
-Sarah will also be getting a unique item.  If we can get the scripts working right you'll be able to upgrade the unique items to keep them always relevant to the characters.  If not I can do it through events, but it would be far clunkier.
-Additional Brothel content.

I'm closing the 4m3 additional content poll as of now and creating the September development poll.  Is it time for you to go deeper into Rata and progress the main plot or would you all like to spend more time in Celee.  4m3 will wrap up most of the macro events going on in Celee, 4m4 would expand on the unique item idea to hopefully every Celeean-born slave.  I'd probably try to sneak in some additional Vanessa and maybe Jessica content as well if we stick around for longer.

As usual, to participate in the poll you must be a supporter of Harem at the $2+ level at least, but you're free to comment here if you wish!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Patreon and Paypal

A fyi to everyone!  Patreon and Paypal (Braintree) have worked out a deal allowing Paypal being used to support and donate development of adult content.  So if you've ever wanted to support Harem's development but wanted to use Paypal, swing on over to the Harem Patreon page and there should be options to do so.  I don't personally know how it works, but one of the reasons why I love working with Patreon is their ability to simplify the income side of indy development.

So if you've been following this blog for a long time you've known that I have issues in paypal in the past and their attitude toward adult games.  But with a middleman I guess I'll go along with it ;)