Friday, January 20, 2017

Just an update for everyone on how 5m4 development is going:

Almost certain to be part of 5m4:
Donna, Angelica, and Cindy have already been fully written and just need a few more images or code.  Joan/Beta, Fenja/Yvone, Noemi and Phoebe are fully plotted out and somewhat written.  And of course, there’s a scene for Fiona coming as that’s what the patrons voted for!

On the bubble:
Kathleen, Jessica, Sarah all have concepts for content.  But I can’t be sure if there will be enough time to get them done before I release 5m4.

Which is most of the follow up that needs to be done for Corsix.  Sam, Terra, Cecilia and Rhea/Alena don’t have relevant content in town.  Heather, Fiona and Naitay will likely be finished up in the following content patch and I’ll get as far into chapter 6 content then as time allows!

I hope to get 5m4 out to my patrons in Early February.  They’ve been enjoying the 5m3 content for a few weeks now, and when 5m4 is ready for them, 5m3 will become the public version!  And of course, teasers!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Feedback request on Jessica.

After a series of early game patches, we're making good progress on c5m4.  But Jessica's upcoming content is something which I'm thinking about quite a bit.  In version 1, one of the main fetishes she embodied was sexual exploitation.  You let other men fuck her, use her for your own benefit.  And she over time will learn to get off on that.  But a lot of the work I've done on chapter 5 has shown me that a very significant number of my players might not enjoy that content.

So I'm asking for feedback on how to rewrite Jessica's content.  Likely there will be a primary line mirroring how it worked in version 1, but I'm trying to figure out if it's worth a lot of additional work to create a secondary arc where she doesn't get used that way.  There's a few ways I think I could do it.

1.  Because it's isolated to a single slave and all at your direct order, it's acceptable.  Keep it mostly as is, just with the usual quality improvement.  Tomas's dark scene with her has to be fundamentally changed either way, but the Donnie light/dark and Tomas light scenes all were strong as is.
2.  Create a choice point where you can refuse that content, but at the cost of most of her future content if you choose to keep her to yourself.  A bit of talking to bring the events into the plot without you commanding her to fuck other men, but then only content that would have occured either way.  
3.  Create a choice point, and then try to create parallel arcs.  Where an exploitation scene has a mirror non-exploitation scene.  If that sounds like the ideal solution, keep in mind that there's a fixed amount of content we can generate and that would mean less content along any single path.

But I'm sure that there's other options I haven't thought of.  Tell me what you think!  I'm likely to decide this by a two part Patreon poll at some point, but for now I just want feedback.

And of course, some teasers from the c5m3 content which my patreons are currently enjoying!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Public version upgraded to c5m2.2

Had worked on a playthrough over the last few days and found a large number of small bugs, and a few fairly significant ones.  Enough fixes that I want to get these out to the public immediately, rather than having them wait for a month for the Patron version to rotate down.  Patrons get early access to content, but I want everyone to be playing a bug-free game!
(bug found in 2.1, updated to 2.2 to fix bug)

-Fixes fadeout after leaving Hideout

Bug fixes/adjustments
-Fixed an issue where Fenja could get stuck by trying to serve Laviticus while looking away.
-Fixed an issue where Fiona had to be captured to do Fenja's quest
-Fixed an issue with the demon's first visit
-More map size fixes
-fixed a progression issue w/ Vercin
-Fixed a progression issue w/ Naitay
-Fixed multiple weather issues
-Fixed an issue that new items weren't added to Fiona's shop after you enslaved her.  Click on the items on the table to add them to the shop.
-Slid the availability of the unique quests one step back in the story progression. Doable just before the passage is clear instead of just after.
-Added weather affects to all coastal areas.
-Fixed an issue where a dead Ralph entering a brothel = game over
-Fixed an issue with the beach quest and collecting 6+ wine casks.
-Alice's face and sprite updated.  No additional interactions added.
-If you cross into Corsix with Rhea/Alena and your dark/light, they will be removed from your harem.  You will have the chance to recapture them later.
-16 new flavor NPCs in Corsix

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Transitioning into 5m4!

For December and January I had been polling my patrons to see what they wanted after the trial was over.  Do we immediately plunge deeper into Rata or take a month to get the main character out into the streets of Corsix, finishing up some of the quests that your slaves started before and maybe adding another woman or two to your harem?  The answer was overwhelmingly to stay in Corsix for another release (84% of the vote) so February’s release will be c5m4, a sidequest release in Corsix and the areas immediately surrounding it.

While the player won’t be able to go back into Celee at this point, there’s a lot to do in Corsix.  The area around Corsix was never explored in v1.  So, you’ll have a few local sidequests to complete inside of town, but I really want the player to get out and doing things again.  A few of the loose ends from the slave quests easily transform into a few dungeon quests, so there will be a chance to slay some monsters, get some loot as well as getting some more booty!

I don’t know yet if I’ll be able to complete all the post-trial content in a month.  Hiro is dealing with some personal difficulties and won’t be able to write this month, so it’s just T51b and I writing.  He’ll be working on Fiona, both as a slave and free, and possibly Noemi/Sarah, leaving the rest for me.  My first guess is that March will be split between finishing up the quests and then jumping into the tram, but I’ll give you more updates and a patreon poll when we get further along.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Harem c5m3 released to Patrons! Public version upgraded to c5m2!

I just released Harem c5m3 to my $5+ Patrons, which completes the main plot of chapter 5.  All of your slaves have had their chance to 'argue' for your innocence and the trial will happen!  After the trial is finished, you finally get to add Jessica to your harem and deal with a few other results of the trial.  If you wish to play the newest content immediately, any pledge of $5 or more will get you instant access to it!

Patreon link:

c5m3 content additions:
-Final two slave quests complete, Fiona and Terra.  Both are quite lengthy.
-One more visitor at night before the trial!
-Trial sequence finished, find out if your slaves were able to get you freed!
-Jessica is finally added to the Harem.  After some paperwork is taken care of...
-Additional scenes for Donna from the Patreon Poll!
-10 or 11 new scenes added in base game
-5 new bonus scenes, 2 available to all, 3 only for $25+ Patrons
-327 images added to game
-278 pages of next text to finish up the primary plot of chapter 5!
-16 new flavor NPCs in Corsix

Bug Fixes/Adjustments
-Removed Ethos # from save screen.  Blue screen = light.  Red screen = dark
-Added weather affects to all coastal areas.
-Fixed an issue where a dead Ralph entering a brothel = game over
-Fixed an issue with the beach quest and collecting 6+ wine casks.
-Terra has no quest guidance in Corsix
-Alice's face and sprite updated.  No additional interactions added.
-If you cross into Corsix with Rhea/Alena and your dark/light, they will be removed from your harem.  You will have the chance to recapture them later.
-Moved Cecilia's commissioned series into it's own entry in Replay Scenes

With the new version of Harem available to my patrons, the public version gets incremented to the version they were playing.  c5m2 brings you up to just before the trial, with only Terra and Fiona's quest unavailable.  6 more slaves get their quests, and 'Ralph' gets 4 more events even while under house arrest.

c5m2 content additions:
-6 new slave Quests to gain votes in Corsix.  Donna, Sarah, Cecilia, Phoebe, Cindy and Fenja now have their quests available.
-All quests will have a solution that doesn't involve your harem f%#^ing other people.  But if you enjoy it, every quest does have a solution that involves your harem f@#$ing other people!
-4 additional night events.  Even under house arrest, 'Ralph' gets plenty of action!
-Nicole will be captured even if you declined on night 4
-Expanded Eleanor interactions to put a name to the face.
-~300 pages of new text in the game
-316 new images in the game
-13 new in game scenes added, 2 bonus non-canon scenes added
Bug Fixes/Adjustments
-Adjusted Fenja and Sarah's tour stop.  Sarah stops at the Sharpsword Inn, Fenja next door (east)
-Various map size fixes
-In Replay Scenes, pressing PgDn will end the current scene