Saturday, March 2, 2019

8m5 first teasers!

I hope everyone’s had fun with the new content released last month! For the patrons playing 8m4, I’d still love more feedback on the combat pass. So far it’s been positive, but the more we hear back the 
better we can make it. So all opinions, critical or positive, are appreciated. 
Onto 8m5! So, there’s three big things we’re working on for 8m5. Altan has been making a questline to get us back into the Westlands for the last month, so we’ll be finding out what Joan and the Cheli have been up to. Not sure how far into it we’ll get, but there is another character planned in the Westlands. Hiro has been working more on Eowen. Hanno, Angelica’s father, may or may not know she’s joined your harem. That’s something which needs to be resolved. TG22 has moved onto redoing the Brothel code, so hopefully can get a smooth interface for that so we can stop using the mess of code I stitched together back in chapter 4 for it. So lots of new events for you. 
As to what I am working on for 8m5? Well, I’m going to talk more about that next post, but I will say that my first priority is getting Angie or Donna back from Mercalius. Gotta save something for the next post!

Friday, February 22, 2019

Harem c8m4 released to patrons, public version upgraded to c8m3!

Harem c8m4 is ready for my wonderful patrons! As we push further into Celee, the gates of Eowen is finally open to you. While Hanno and your brothel will be opened later, there are two huge things to do there. First, you’ll be able to extend your portal network into Celee after helping one of your allies’ lieutenants. But considering they’re both beautiful women, that’s hardly work! Second, you had met a beautiful waitress, the slave Baylie, in Eowen before. Her owner wasn’t willing to sell her until he could travel to Eowen to purchase a replacement, but that passage is open now. Although you remember she was a bit odd…

But the Empire is still full of women for you to find. Livia, Mercalius’s wife, was injured in Booker’s attack. She’s not taking male visitors while she recuperates, but you have healers that could help her. And a woman in the inside would be useful, if only temporarily.

And we’ve completed the first stage of our combat upgrade. There were quite a few characters that were either ineffective or boring to use. Vanessa’s tanking ability is improved. Rhea, Naitay, and Sarah’s characters have new fundamental mechanics. Jessica, Terra, and Angelica have gotten tweaks as well and many enemy/gear/item fixes.


Content additions
-Livia’s healing is going slower than you’d like. After meeting Aries in your Castra, you can assign a healer to help her recovery and possibly her husband’s needs.
-Eowen is now opened to explore and talk to the citizens after meeting Valarie in the Cheli village and speaking to the chieftain. Hanno is slated for 8m5, the brothel in the near future.
-Your ally has sent one of her most trusted lieutenants to set up a new portal for you in Eowen, but she may need help for it to be finished.
-While you got most of the women in you wanted in Celee before, a few got away. Baylie’s, the waitress in Eowen, wouldn’t sell her until the way to Corsix was opened.  Well you opened it, time to get her!
-Phase 1 of the combat improvement completed! We went through and tried to improve a few of the less useful or interesting character’s design and skills. Sarah, Rhea, Jessica, and Naitay have all received significant changes. Vanessa, Terra, Angelica, and Donna have received tweaks as well.
-6 new scenes added to the game
-~190 new pages of text, `~190 new images

Other adjustments:
-All characters had to be unequipped for the new designs. Make sure to equip them again.
-Large shields have been buffed by 33% but made exclusive to Ralph and Vanessa
-Many more skills will crit now, many monsters, skills, item, and animations fixed.
-Note: Because Mercalius doesn't return Donna until 8m5 and she's required for a few of Baylie's events, the game "forgets" Donna shouldn't be in the base. She won't be in combat, but she will be in your Denai base. This "bug" will be fixed in 8m5. Please don't report it.
-Added a combat glossary to help explain the mechanics.

And with c8m4 out to patrons, c8m3 becomes free to the public! This is a bit of a shorter release due to the holidays, but still had some quality content.. and by that I mean scenes, scenes, and more scenes! Valerie gets a taste of you for the first time, Noemi and Phoebe get their 789th (est) turn. Rhea gets introduced to your harem in the dark route, and reintroduces herself to the people of Eowen. And Cecilia gets her turn in front of the assessor!

c8m3 - Holiday shortened, scene focused!

Content additions:
-Valerie blueballed you pretty hard last night, but not an issue to a man with a Harem. Noemi and Phoebe are waiting for you in Phoebe's house in the Cheli village
-Speaking of Valerie, time to move beyond first base with her. She has another quest and scene for you
-Of all the women you took in Celee, only Cecilia refused to be assesssed. She has submitted, time to bring her back to the assessor.
-Rhea has a new light and dark scene. Light is in Lesser Corsix, Dark (group) is back in base.
-7 new scenes (2 group, 1 Rhea, 3 Cecilia, 1 Valerie)
-101 pages of new text, 146 new images
-Many minor bug fixes

Sunday, February 10, 2019

8m4 update!

Thank you all for the combat/code feedback. TG22 and I have ben looking at it and seeing what we can do to improve the way that combat and quests feel. While I don’t want to make any promises, I think we’ve made a lot of progress and I’d love to hear your feedback when 8m4 comes out!
Now onto content. I’m trying something different this month: Rather than try to push push push and only go into beta when I think there’s enough done, I’m going to try to do a more consistent thing. Where the writers and I create content near continuously, but once I get ~200 pages into the new release I start the beta and hopefully build up a bit of a buffer zone between development and release so releases become more consistent. Particularly with TG22 also helping on the code development side, I think it’s a reasonable goal that we should be able to hit fairly consistently.

So what’s definitely going to be 8m4:
-Eowen will be re-opened, with every NPC getting new dialogue to reflect what’s happened.
-Baylie, the bunny girl from ch3, is now purchasable. Her arc isn’t immensely complex, but it will have a few events in it. 8m4 will go up to her first scene.
-The start of Livia’s recovery, starting with Mercalius renting one of your healers. Definitely to help Livia maybe to help his frustrated libido as well, that part is up to you.
-A quest to start to earn Aries’s trust, at least enough to let you betray him properly. At least 1 ‘dungeon’ in 8m4
-The next in Arden’s Legate series

What might get in, this is where the 200 pages/month comes in. If the first 5 gets me to 200 pages, this get pushed back another month regardless of how close they are to being finished.
-Opening a portal in Eowen. I wanted to do something more than just pushing a button and it’s kinda getting away from me, looking to be about 5 scenes in the process.
-Vanessa’s TKP scene

What definitely won’t be in 8m4
-Getting to see Hanno, Angelica’s father, in Eowen
-Re-opening the brothel
-Entering the Westlands.

And just as a final note: If we start hitting the 200 page/month goal and exceeding it I’m going to let a bit of a buffer develop so even if things go bad during a month the buffer absorbs it and you all get content. If the buffer gets overly large, I’ll be increasing the content/month. 

And of course, when Harem c8m4 is released to my patrons, 8m3 will become free to play for the everyone!  If you don't want to wait that long, you can always get early access to the newest content and support the ongoing development of Harem!

Friday, January 25, 2019

Harem c8m3.1 released!

Fairly minor bugfix version, the only critical issue was a freeze when entering the Cheli Village while Noemi was busy.  A few text/image fixes and you'll stop seeing version after every load.  All prior replay files will work.  I also updated the CG packs.

Segura Link :
Legate+ Link :
Public folder updated :
CG Packs :

Bug fixes
-Version will stop updating with every load.
-Fixed a freeze when entering Cheli village w/o Noemi
-A few text/image corrections

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Harem c8m3 released to Patrons, 8m2 to public!

Harem c8m3 is ready for you all!  You met Nona’s young daughter Valerie last month.  A quite headstrong woman, capable of making her own decisions both in terms of getting her mother’s quest done and how she conducts herself in private.  She’s quite fond of you, you’re quite attracted to her.  Time to let things play out, but of course there is that pesky quest she needs done first… oh, and your own needs to satisfy beforehand.  Fortunately, Phoebe and Noemi are more than eager to take care of anything she wasn’t willing to the night before!

There’s both new business to get started and old business to take care of.  Cecilia was the only woman you entered Corsix with that wasn’t willing to call you her master in front of the assessor.  Now you’ve changed her mind, time to correct that prior mistake.  During one of my latest polls, you all said you wanted to see more of Rhea.  8m3 adds in a pair of scenes for her, one light and one dark.  And any Legate+ Patrons get to see a new scene in the “Angie’s in Charge” line, “Laura - Not What You Want, What I Want (dark)”.

c8m3 - Holiday shortened, scene focused!
Content additions:
-Valerie blueballed you pretty hard last night, but not an issue to a man with a Harem.  Noemi and Phoebe are waiting for you in Phoebe's house in the Cheli village
-Speaking of Valerie, time to move beyond first base with her.  She has another quest and scene for you
-Of all the women you took in Celee, only Celee refused to be assessed.  She has submitted, time to bring her back to the assessor.
-Rhea has a new light and dark scene.  Light is in Lesser Corsix, Dark (group) is back in base.
-7 new scenes (2 group, 1 Rhea, 3 Cecilia, 1 Valerie)
-101 pages of new text, 146 new images
-Many minor bug fixes

With that, Harem c8m2 goes out to the public.  Another smaller release due to holidays/health, but also packed with titillating content!  The Castra had been your primary base during your time in Celee, now that you’re back into Celee you’ll want to occupy it again… assuming nothing else has.  Nona has asked you to look after her young daughter she sent into Celee to complete a mysterious quest… but she’s old enough to be an adult which makes her old enough if she’s worthy of your attentions.  And if you made allies during your previous escapades in Celee, it’s time to check on them.  Starting with Benjamin in Lesser Corsix.


-You've been away from your Castra for too long.  You acquired it first to find a way into Lesser Corsix, now it will be able to get you past Lesser Corsix.
-And with access to more of Celee, Valerie is out there somewhere.  Maybe a new army buddy of yours will know where she is.
-The Celeean Swords were good allies and rewarded you well in the past.  Benjamin in Lesser Corsix needs your help again.
-Noemi accepts you as her god, but she's still a willful woman.  Selene might have a new trick to teach her in The King's Pleasure.
-4 new scenes add (View Noemi's training in replay mode)
-177 pages of new content, 109 new images

Bug Fix/QoL
-Fixed Freeze in Fiona's chapter 7 content
-2 upgraded items added to Fiona's shop in Celee.
-Many fixes in old content, thanks TG!

Sunday, January 13, 2019

8m3 update

I hope you all had a great holidays! I enjoyed mine quite a bit, feeling good enough to travel for the entire period and visit both my family and friends. Lots of fun, but time to get our noses back to our grindstone.

For the last week I’ve been putting together content for the Harem c8m3 release. This will be a smaller release due to the holidays, hoping to get about 100 pages and images or so. I left you with a bit of a cliffhanger after being sent away from Valerie unsatisfied, but Noemi and Phoebe were waiting to help you with that. They’ll take their turns satisfying you before Valerie sends you on another quest. But you’ll should get a bit more than just a feel for this one.

Beyond that, I’m just about caught up with the patreon poll scenes. Noemi’s was done last month, I worked out all what I wanted for Rhea’s scenes so those should be in 8m3 (both light and dark). Just finishing up those, I’ll likely do Vanessa’s TKP and the start up a poll for the next one. I’ve also had a fun idea for Cecilia’s assessment. She’s the only woman who wouldn’t call you master on entering Corsix, it’s time to have a bit of fun making that official now. I’m also going to get a Legate+ scene done, sorry the last one got caught up in the holidays.

I want to enter beta this week, which there are a bunch of things that we just won’t have time to get to due to the shortened dev cycle. I have a good start on Mercalius/Livia’s next bit, but not enough to get done in a reasonable amount of time. Derek’s gotten most of Eowen’s start done and Altan has Baylie nearly done, but neither of those are done enough to push into 8m3. 8m4 should be either early or large, we’ll have to see.

Anyways, thank you for the support as always!

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Happy Holidays!

From everyone on the Harem team to you and yours, we wish you Happy Holidays!  May they be merry, fulfilling, and safe!  Spend some time with a significant other after everything is said and done and then it’s time for the new years!

And if you’re still looking for another secret Santa, I’d be glad to partner up with you!  Give me a few dollars, support Harem’s development in 2019 and you’ll get hundreds of sexy scenes, an interesting story, and an RPG that you can enjoy for dozens of hours!

Cheers for more scenes and content in 2019!