Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Back to work!

Not much to say right now but I've taken my vacation and will get back to working on Harem.

Friday, January 10, 2014

0.6b.8 upgraded to final.

After a week and about 700 downloads I've decided to upgrade 0.6b.8 to 0.6b final.  Doesn't appear to be any game breaking bugs and the bugs still remaining are minor.

Known bugs:
-Sarah reappears to early on the light path.  But she doesn't do anything until she's supposed to.
-It's possible that if you hold off finishing the orc/goblin sidequest until after clearing the mines the jungle orcs may not appear.  I have a fix for it, but it's a fix that could cause other issues and there's minimal gameplay impact to not being able to finish that quest immediately that I'm choosing to leave it in place until 0.6c testing.
-Various issues if you intentionally stay in the middle, bouncing between light and dark.  It's not a supported path and the issues really only show up if you intentionally stay gray.  Even a slight preference to light or dark choices are enough to keep you out of the middle.
-This is the usual non-bug issue.  Any issue with .dll or files being missing isn't a issue with the game, rather you are missing the VX RTP (not VX ACE) or the extraction/download corrupted.  Uninstall/reinstall and it should fix the issue.

I'm probably going to take a week or three off.  Being forced to wear the programmer hat for this long is frustrating so I'm going to take a break.  Figure around the end of January I'll start working on 0.6c.

One thing I would like you all to do is post some feedback in forums.  This blog is solid for communication between myself and players, but does very little to show this game to new players.  If you enjoyed the game please take a minute to go to your favorite forum and say so.  Feedback like that is tremendously important not just for the game itself, but also our motivation in continuing the project.

And what I'd really like is your help making this a better game.  Tell me what parts you liked and why.  Tell me what you didn't like and why.  Tell me what you'd like to see and what you'd like if I redid.  The early Donna scenes were rough, I think the new versions are better but what else needs a rewrite.  The more you feedback the better the game will be!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Patch 8

Hopefully this is the last of the patches!

Fixes -
-Terra will either be with Vanessa or in the barracks on the dark path, not both at once.
-Charmike is accessible.  Useless, but accessible
-Fixed a few block events in Western Rata map
-Noemi will appear at the right time in the grove
-Increased the speed of the tentacle ambush in eastern mines.  Should happen more reliably now.  Should also be a retroactive fix.


Patch 8 (only usable from 0.6b.3 final or later, not tested w/ beta).  Overwrite the data folder with new contents.

If you have any issues with the jungle orc village please uninstall your current rtp and redownload it.   I believe that issue was caused by an update the was released in secret.

 RTP - All RPG maker games must use the right RTP.  You must download the VX rtp and install it or Harem will crash.  And if Harem crashes uninstall and reinstall the RTP.  99% of missing files crashes are due to no RTP or a corrupted RTP

Saves pack - MrTTAO and bigdick69 were kind enough to upload a pair of saves to me, so now players can skip ahead if they wish.  Currently their are a light and dark path option right before entering Corsix in there.  It'd be a big help if other would contribute their saves as well. Either email me at haremrpg@gmail.com, post in comments or any of the boards and I'll add your save to the pack! 

Friday, December 27, 2013

Patch 7

Fixed an issue w/ the stone blocking the path to the dig site not being removed.  Should fix the problem retroactively. 

0.6b.7 Full

Patch 7 - Overwrite files inside of data with new files.  No support for beta copies as usual.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Patch 6

Resolving issues with enemies not spawning in a few different locations.
Also added a full CG pack download.

Full download

Patch 6 (only usable from 0.6a.3 final or later, not tested w/ beta).  Overwrite the data folder with new contents.

Full CG pack (1.2gb)
Rapidgator only allows free users to download 500mb and bitshare upload didn't complete.  Will try bitshare again later.  Normal small CG packs available on the download page or quick links to the right.

Patch 5

Fixes a freeze on entering the Corsix Mines

Full Download 0.6b.5

Patch from 0.6b.3 or 0.6b.4 to 0.6b.5

Grumble. Final version of the final I guess.

Fix 5 things, break one thing I guess.  There was an issue with 0.6b.3 with the dig site which caused a freeze.  Also the packed version evidently blew up.

Full 0.6b.4 download

Patch 4 (only usable from 0.6a.3 final, not tested w/ beta).  Overwrite the data folder with new contents.

Currently I am not offering a compressed version.  I will try to get it working but for now just use the full version.