Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Poll on Patreon!

Every month I do a poll with my patrons, letting them influence the development of Harem.  There’s usually big questions asked, right now it’s about who gets to be your second in command and which lands the next content addition should explore, and there’s almost always a monthly poll to see who gets a bonus scene.  This month we’re focusing on some of the resource and minor slaves, giving them a bit of time in the spotlight.  And it’s a close race between Yvone and Heather, only one vote separating them!  Voting will be closed on the 26th, so if you haven’t taken the time to vote yet, do so now!

Also, if you’re feeling particularly generous, a pledge of $5 or more will get you instant access to the c6m4 content, with additional rewards at higher tiers.  And access to c6m5 as soon as it’s released in September.  I’ve decided that sending Vanessa to meet with Mariana without giving her some ‘confidence’ is just wrong, so she’ll be getting a scene in c6m5.  Alison’s performance is all imaged and plotted, so you’ll get to see more of her than ever before.  And Noemi’s earned herself a reward…

And of course, a teaser from c6m4 if you haven’t had a chance to play it yet!

Also for some reason, my access to blogspot has been very poor as of late.  Half the time I try to create a new post, I can't.  So make sure you're following Harem on the forums on Patreon if you want all the news!


  1. yeni versiyonu ne zaman oynayacağız :?

    when we'll play the new version :?

    Turkish English translation

    türkçe ingilizce çeviri