Friday, May 13, 2016

The team grows larger and better!

There's been two exciting changes to the Harem team over the last week.  HirotonoRei, long time editor for Harem, has accepted a promotion to help me with creating side-quests as well.  With both him and I working on content, we should be able to have a similar amount of content per minor release while working on adding the brothel back into the game!

Later that week Riven1978 offered to help modify 3dcg mods for the game.  I have no ability to create 3d models whatsoever, just using what I can find on sites like and ninjibox to find mods for the game and use them the best I can.  But they don't always match the setting for Harem and I'm always having to play with the camera angles so there's not a TV in the background of a low fantasy setting.  Hopefully that won't be a concern going forward!  He's also edited some of the bodies I use so we'll be seeing a lot less of the extreme gloss which 3dcg likes to use.  As well as fixing some broken mods I've always wanted to use and breaking some working ones to show some naughty bits :)  A huge boon to the game!

4m1 is going very well.  I have it about 80% written and about 80% imaged, 40% coded.  Probably looking about 150 images and about 100 pages of text in the new version. 
-Noemi will finally be joining the harem. 
-They'll be two new sidequest lines, Hiro's on rebuilding Lesser Corsix after the events of Chapter 4 and exploring further into the westlands with a lot of interaction with Noemi and Phoebe.
-Samantha will getting her turn at the resort and I'm happy with the way the writing worked out for it.
-You'll be able to acquire the Plateau in Eowen and start converting it into a Brothel, but it won't be finished until 4m2.  Going to be a total of 4 different scenes involved in how you choose to open it and path.
-Base scenes for Noemi, Phoebe, Rhea and Alena
-Hunter769 is working on a script to let players give the brothel their own name, but that will probably be restricted to 8 characters.  So what I'm hoping that we can do is both let the Patron's vote on a long name for the brothel but give the player an options for a short name if they wish.
-Ninjician is continuing to update the sprites in the game and they're consistently getting better and closer to the 3dcg models used in the game.
-Ikatashi_Paku has updated the walkthrough for Chapter 4 and that will be posted in a few days.


  1. Hmm, I've been holding off on playing the new version until a good quantity of content had been developed and Chapter 4 sounded like a good point to start. Now I'm thinking about artwork changes that might be happening and am wondering if I might want to wait a bit more.

    Ker, do you anticipate that much or any of the existing artwork will be changing in any dramatic way; now that you have someone who could do it? The changes you mentioned already are (good, but) fairly minor in my mind.

    1. Very little to none. It's going to let me be more flexible with images in the future but won't require me to redo what's already there. I might redo the occasional image but that'd be it.

    2. Cool, I find it pretty jarring when artwork that I've gotten use to changes a lot in the middle of a game. I have a hard enough time remembering everything between installments, changing what the characters look like really messes with me. :)

  2. For people who have access to 3D Custom Girl, do you have any plans to offer the customized mods through this site, ny any chance?

    1. I have No plans for release of any of the items i do for Ker unless he wants them to be. Also the mods that I am doing are ones that exist already and I prefer to get original authors consent normally before releasing anything I do. If nothing else, then for a common courtesy to the work and time the put into creating the original artwork.