Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Finalized patch notes for Chapter 5 part 1

All content for the first part of chapter 5 is completed!  It went about as I expected.  We were able to finish Noemi in time, but Joan will have to wait for the second part of chapter 5.  Two new non-canon bonus scenes, one commissioned by Cecilia again and the other the inverse  of Alena's bonus scene last month.  Patch notes are now final.  Only big addition is Du's contributions.  He's helping us go back through the earlier content and try to clean up some of the text.  So far he's finished the first island and will be working on Eliba.  Image count and text length finalized.  Should be released by this weekend!

-The Path to Corsix is open! Move ahead into the lands of the old Ratan empires to continue your search for beautiful women to enslave and to find a way to get back and save your homeland!

-There is a bonus scene that happens as you leave Lesser Corsix and enter the mines. If you saved at the exit, make sure to go back into town to see it!
-Begin to explore the largest city to date. More locations will open up during later revisions.

-Radically improved introduction to Corsix quests featuring a 20-30 page introduction explaining how the sequence works and giving you a guided tour of the city.
-First 4 Slave quests added: Samantha, Heather, Noemi and Kathleen.
-Both a sexual and non-sexual route to complete each slave's quests
-12 new in game scenes, 2 new Patreon Bonus scenes
-240 new images and pages of text added!
-167 pages of new text

-Fixed an issue where Sarah could disappear after training soldiers.
-Various text issues in first two chapters

One thing I could use is a save to test the Sarah fix.  If you ran into the issue where Sarah disappeared from the Castra after completing Vanessa's training please send it to


  1. Two Patreon Bonus Scenes? Does that mean that they're scenes that won't be seen by non-patrons at all?:(

    1. Correct. Every month I write one or two bonus scenes for my most generous supporters. Chapter 5 will bring the number up to 20.

    2. Ah. Darn. Was hoping they'd be scenes that could be seen later on, but with the patreons having early access and whatnot.:\ What are the scenes that you've had added for those? I may not be able to see them, but maybe hearing a summary would be nice.

    3. Quite a few of them are 'what if' kind of scenes. What if you didn't interfere with Jessica after the party (dark route)? What if a chance to capture Alena or Rhea presented itself off-route? What if Cecilia decided to move forward with her plans earlier than Corsix?

      You can see their names and titles through the replay interface.

    4. just one question if we do support the 25 $ one do we get all previous non canon scenes or just this release's no canon scenes?

    5. Absolutely. You'll get a replay file that unlocks all bonus scenes currently in the game. The only thing you don't get if you don't continue is next month's bonus scenes :)

    6. The name Alena doesn't ring a bell. Is that corruption only route, or is it merely in a part not yet released?

    7. Yes. Alena is dark route exclusive, just as Rhea is light route exclusive. At least for now anyways, as there's the possibility of ker adding the chance of getting the other later (i.e. Alena finishes her quest, or whatever it was she was in the middle of, and joins you then).

  2. Scene not in the game himself but in the recap portion of the interface. So, it is a very correct way of doing it.

    That said, will these bonus scene stay that way "forever" ?
    As you might know, more events are so far quite the best way to add in story/immersion along with PNJ><Pc (and reverse) more in depth knowledge (as they do not have journal/another way to know about them, out the introduction when meeting).

    1. Phrases the first response poorly:

      Patreon is really what makes this possible. As much as I want to create this for the simple love of the project (which I do) I do support myself based on it. And without the materiel support of my Patrons I would have had just a fraction of the time to develop it. We'd maybe be in chapter 3 atm if I didn't devote myself to it full time, and certainly wouldn't have the breadth of content we currently do.

      And I want to recognize that support and generosity. At every tier my patron's get some form of a reward, at $25+ it's bonus scenes which only they can get access to. $50+ lets you commission scenes directly :)

  3. Yes, I was informed about that, still, no worry has you are the GM (Game Master) here ;)

    And so, We'll go with you (knowing yours is so far the one with the most fleshed out "dark" path/content, I was reading about Roundscape Adorevia earlier, where the "bad" content is more direct and even more rewarding + more common than what the good PC will met. Which is quite as it is in RL (ah, humanity, facility + confort, these two "value" explain much of what allow evil to be (along with knowledge, which is another subject (hm, was is not by design the beings from Eden where both idiots ? Keeping them happy & in as close communion/contact with their creator had allowed from them.

    End of the HS, back to others web pages, or may be to see as Ive detected something about an incoming update somewhere right about now (.. :p), thanks ker !
    (Indeed, Renryuu Ascension, 07.10.16, altrough that game is quite strange as of yet, a paladin chaperon who make clear he will dispose of the PC if anythig goes wrong (.., morality, what a pain, only thing that matter = balance, along with keeping the one of value close + safe (another story, quite easier if there are none on that track it is not ?) :p

    To be seen & played.

  4. Found a bug while initiating Kathleen's quest after she's learned Frozen Fury (where she has to get possessed during a "challenging battle"). I was in the mine under the Castra collecting diamonds, when the attack that the Auto command had picked was Frozen Fury. After finishing the fight, the following one against her, and the scene that played out, you appear back in your chambers in the Castra. However, the lighting is still dimmed like if you were in the mine. Moving to another screen/area didn't fix this, but after going back to the mine and then using the Hearthstone to return to my quarters, the lighting returned to normal. Nothing game-breaking, but really more of an annoyance as things were difficult to see.