Friday, May 26, 2017

Harem c6m3 will be great!… but late

As I’m trying to put everything together, I’m coming to realize how involved and complex the Noemi/Samantha/Cecilia and Vanessa arcs truly are.  Both would have been enough on their own to be the centerpiece of a release but I am determined to get them both out to you in June!   Work is going as fast as I can do it, but the release will likely be a few days later than usual.

My usual goal is to get the new release out by the 5th of every month, with the 10th as the latest ‘acceptable’ date to get the new content out.  I think I’ll be able to release on or about the 10th, but there isn’t much of a chance to get it out by the 5th.  So please be patient, the content will come, just a few days later than you all are used to.  But I’m pretty sure you’ll find it to be worth the wait!

And as always, the public release is tied into the patreon release.  When c6m3 is ready for my patrons, c6m2 will be released to the public.  And from all the feedback I’ve gotten on c6m2 from my patrons, it is worth the wait as well!

And a few teasers from 6m2 to let you know what you’re waiting for!


  1. Since I'm playing through both save files of good and evil, just noticed an obvious mistake to point out in a scene. In getting Fiona in Eowen, in the Intimidating part, you put 'Come closer, Fiona, I want to get a good luck at you.' when you mean 'good look'.;) Just thought I'd point it out.