Friday, May 5, 2017

Harem c6m2 released to Patrons! Public version upgraded to Harem c6m1.

Harem c6m2 is ready for release to our patrons!  This is a larger than usual release for us, featuring 18 new scenes, nearly 300 pages of content and over 300 new images!  Especially large considering that t51b’s schooling went mad which left the vast majority of content on my shoulders.  But it got done, and I hope you all enjoy it!

Harem c6m2 finally puts Terra back into your harem, after what seems like months of her missing.  The main plot is entirely moving through her in chapter 6, and you finally start to learn some of what’s really going on in this strange land.  And of course, bed just about every woman you meet on the way!  Hiro has also worked on a few sidequests, helping to clean up some of the pieces leftover after the big fight and starting to introduce the mysterious Eldari into the story.

I’m also trying to improve the content, or at least let you all select your own challenge.  In the systems menu you’ll find a slider called difficulty.  Increase it and the enemies level increases, giving you a truer RPG experience if you wish.  Decrease it if you’re just in for the erotica!  No penalty for lower difficulty, this is all just ‘play as you want’ design.

Content additions
-The quest to recover Terra is completed, ending with a dramatic invasion of your enemies stronghold. Path includes 3 scenes  (Betsy, Melony, and Danielle/Teresa) before finally getting Terra back into your harem.
-2x scenes per route to ‘help’ Terra back into her place.
-A scene set rewarding Jessica for her help in the Temple Mons. Will either involve you and Donnie/Tomas or Kathleen, depending on if you kept the other man in your party.
-Additional sequence to move Rachel into your base. With a fairly unique scene at the end.
-A sidequest to introduce the player to the mysterious Eldari species and another to clean up the mess from the invasion and make Denai safe (for you).
-A scene with Donna and Terra, having some 'fun' while 'helping' Terra find her place in your harem again
-289 pages of new content
-311 images added
-18 new scenes added to the game and 2 bonus scenes
-Added in a difficultly slider under System to add/subract levels from your enemies.  Very much in beta state!

Bug Fixes
-Unbroke Kathleen's possession during combat in Denai
-Added a bit of Teresa text pre and post Tentas to show her becoming more extreme

And with a new release being sent out to my patrons, the release they had been playing becomes the public release.  Harem c6m1 starts with you just getting to your new allies base in the Denai province, under constant attack from the other side.  You’ll need to find a way to not only survive, but recover Terra from their insidious/compassionate hands.  In doing so, you start to get the first hints that not all is as it seems in this new land.  In doing so, meet (and have sex with) quite a few new characters and find out more about the reclusive Tenta order.

Content additions
-The quest to recover begins!  You'll have to rely on your new allies to get her back!
-Terra isn't the only slave taken from you in Corsix.  Samantha, Cecilia and Rhea/Alena are in Denai and you will get one of them back during 6m1
-A chance to meet the strange Tenta order and learn more about them.  Quite a bit more about their leader, Ulya.
-A new area means new slaves, and you get to start the questing to add Rachel into your harem!
-As my patrons voted for, there will be a new Jessica/Heather threesome scene
-An additional sidequest line to bring the fight to those hunting you.
-12 new scenes, 2 bonus scenes added
-262 new images
-315 new pages of text

-Your second fight with Betsy and Melony occurs after you visit your base the first time.

Bug Fix
-You will stop getting notifications about the Fiona's Blood Lash quest after turning it in.


  1. Latest public is 6.1.1

    Ker, can you upload 6.1.3, please?

    1. That's a visual bug. I had pushed a few fixes but didn't update the versioner to reflect the newest version. You are playing 6.1.3.

  2. I think Rhea and Alena need a xp boost after you get them back after the Tenta because they seem to be under lvled

    1. Did you re-equip them? They should have been brought to your level when they rejoin, but they left their equipment behind when they left.

  3. When you get back from the convent after rescuing Terra, Angelica is standing in front of the desk on the second floor, and also next to the bed Terra is in at the same time.

    1. That will be fixed in the next version!

  4. Do you need to find Betsy in the convent before finding Terra in order for her to survive its destruction? Or will we find out later that she somehow survived anyways?

    1. Betsy isn't one to go down with a sinking ship, nor a burning convent. She's not do... well, you're not done with her yet!

  5. i kind of say where that was going considering what the demon and angels speech but i have to say very cool and i do like the fact the order is so different and liking how its going i was thinking the game was almost over but now it seams like there so much more very nice. i would like to ask no cliff hangers plz i know u might want to do a another game after this considering your progress but i would ether do a new plot/world or at least a few generations after this one so theres less world building since that can be the hardest bit in any story. btw im loving how its going and how the stakes are getting higher and more complexed as time goes on and i find im starting to skip what some would call the "good parts" just for the story. it reminds me of some of my fav novels if u take out certain parts (we all know what those parts are). cant wait for the next part

    1. No plans to start another project before Harem is done.