Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow, the Harem family sure has grown in the last year.  So many new characters, all unique and beautiful in their own way, and all now part of your quest.  Everyone on the Harem team wants to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and I am both humbled and thankful for your amazing support.  Your generosity is what lets me make this game for you all to enjoy!

Terra and Vanessa won the 6m8 poll handily, so they will be on the menu in the next release!  Beyond that, you’ll have to wait for my body to finish processing all the Tryptophan before I let  you know all of what’s coming for you in December!

And of course, a few more teasers of the content all the patrons are enjoying over the Thanksgiving break.  You could spend the day after Thanksgiving fighting through the crowds at your local shops, watching some bad movies, or enjoying more porn!  I know which one I would do!


  1. In the attempts to get rid of the Tu'Than and you learn about the king, you forgot the inclusion of the word 'in' with the choice of 'Defeat the King in his lair'.

  2. Dude, I just found out that you've got an actual fan wiki.

    It's pretty bare-bones at the moment, but I'm sure that will change if you do something to let people know it exists, such as making a blogpost about it and adding a link to the site.

    1. Oh... Correction, you've HAD a wiki for the last year or so now. But because nobody knows about it, nobody's been using/updating it, so my suggestion of making a blogpost or something to raise awareness still stands.

    2. That one is really out of date. On of my patrons is working on an improved one, I'll let everyone know when it's ready.