Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Harem c6m8 released to Patrons, 6m7 out to the public!

Harem c6m8 is ready for all my wonderful patrons to enjoy!  You’ve gained access to Senesca and learned a few of its mysteries.  Time to report back to the Magister and get an odd gift in return.  Your quest to find new women to add to your harem moves on.  Hiro added content to the Eldari questline and I decided that series really needed some adult content, so quite a bit there.  And lets not forget the Tenta, that mysterious group of warrior women.  They all belong with you, but what do they know about you already?  Talk to Rhea or Alena to find out!  Additional content for Laura, Donnie/Tomas (optional), and some prep-work for The King’s Pleasure.

There’s also a large segment to bring Rhea up to speed on the light route.  Teaching me that the most difficult choice to plan around is the choice not to do something.  No new scenes are in it, but if you’re an absolute completionist you learn a bit more about Rhea and the Tenta during it.

Finally, I want to comment on Patron’s upcoming change to pledges and processing fees.  I’m against it.  It makes the smaller pledges considerably more expensive, and while Harem has many generous patrons, those $5 and less pledges make up the bulk of my income.  Patreon, don’t mess with em!
Enough talk, Harem c6m8 link!  (requires $5+ pledge)
Content additions
-The Elan story continues!  After a night with Kathleen in the inn, you return to Caliga and report what you found in Senesca.  Or at least, what he needs to know
-With several provinces open to you, there must be more places to collect Elemental Hearts to find the Eldari.  Phoebe will have several quests for you, and one quite enjoyable misunderstanding.
-Additional scenes with Rhea and Alena (Light and Dark, respectively) learning more of what the Tenta's do to women in their enclave.
-You took Laurent, Jacob's son, from Corsix.  Now you have Laura, a beautiful slave.  This will take a bit of talking to work out.
-Two Evocati wanted to commission scenes inside of the game, so both Phoebe/Kat's scene and a training sequence for Donnie/Tomas are theirs!
-If you didn't capture Rhea in Lesser Corsix on the Light route, you can now get her into your harem after taking care of Vanessa.
-5 new scenes, 2 variants for Rhea's reconciliation, and 1 new Legate scene!
-148 pages of new content, 164 new images!

Bug fixes
-Fixed a repeat issue with Laura/Laurent and her father.
-Fixed an issue where could you get blocked out of the villages during Heather's quest.

-The Magister meeting now triggers immediately after Senesca.  It will trigger when you enter is basement chambers

And with that, the public gets access to what my patrons have been enjoying for the last month, c6m7!  It’s time to find out what secrets Senesca holds, and more time finding out about Kathleen as well.  Rachel has been just out of reach for too long, but after everything you’ve done for it, its past time to make her yours.  And Fiona FINALLY remembers that she had a maid that you may want as well.  Heather also has a new questline for you!

Content additions
-You need to get into the ruins of Senesca to find the Mask to break Cecilia's resistance and find out what happened to Kathleen's people. You'll get your first chance to enter this dangerous area...
-With all of the chaos caused by your actions in the province of Denai, there are sure to be additional problems. If Heather is in your harem, she can find a way for you to benefit from it.
-It's time to consummate this relationship with Rachel. What does she want, and what is she willing to offer? And more importantly, what do you plan to take.
-In her first time in the Ratan provinces, Naitay would certainly have some things to say about them. If you've completed the Senesca exploration, take the time to find out what and give her a piece of your 'mind' in return.
-And in the 'Well, it's about @$^*ing time category', Fiona finally remembers that she owned a beautiful maid in Eowen. If you captured Fiona in Eowen, it's time to add her maid Mary to your harem as well.
-8 new scenes added, 2 more for Legates+ in c6m7.1 (due out in a few days)
-150 pages of new content, 143 new images
Bug Fixes
-Eldari cave accessible after Vanessa's check in again
-If Jessica left your party after capture, she'll rejoin
-Kathleen’s collar should have been removed either after her quest or entering Corsix, stats add to her directly. Resolved.


  1. Found some grammatical/spelling errors in the recent public release (c6m7). These may have already been brought to your attention but I thought i'd leave them here just in case, feel free to ignore them at your leisure.

    Mary's Light side scene (Fiona's bedroom)
    - "a bitunderfed" -> should be "a bit under fed"
    - when eating her out "the effect is powerful and immediately -> should just be "immediate"
    - during sex "you give her a comment" -> should be "moment"

    Rachel's Light side sex scene (making her part of the harem)
    - after making her cum once and starting round 2 "you realize that she's you." -> should be "yours"
    - "Rachel stop resisting the influence" -> should be "stops"
    - the following morning her kneeling on the bed "you wave it away unconcerned pulling Rachel smile back -> should be "Rachel's smile"

    Returning the lava pearls to Caliga
    - "the door is ajar so slowly" -> should be "so you slowly"

    Naitay scene (poll scene)
    - "she notices you walk in and calm rises" -> should be "calmly"

    - a note for how many Tu'thun to kill in the mines for the magister's quest would be useful like the one for the Celeen Swords quest (but not important as there aren't many groups)
    - quest log item still has Fiona's "package" quest listed even after returning to Corsix and completing the quest.

  2. Thanks, will get those fixed!

  3. I am probably fucking up somehow but as far as I know I did the scene of Vanessa checking in when it came out, but when I try to go to denai through the caves it still wants me to go to check in. I am playing the 7.1, so I think it should work. Is there anything I should do to test if it's me? I've already tried to trigger the scene again.

    1. There's a bug in 7.1, where if you enter the mysterious cave it ports you to an older instance of Denai where Elan is sealed. Entering and leaving any city in Denai should correct it.

  4. Dunno if this will be answered, but...somethings up in the newest set of Kathleen scenes (on Light path, haven't caught up on Dark to see if it's the same). Notably, the Angel states that the control of their fertility is through the ring, and removal of the ring would revert him and them to their fertile states.....that's exactly what happens in at least Light path Kathleen's latest scene.....was this intentional, or not?