Wednesday, April 4, 2018

7m5 and later plans:

I hope you all enjoyed both the new content in c7m4/the ‘great quest’ 7m5 April Fools Edition for Patrons and 7m3 for the public.  There are a few things left in 7m4 that I want to adjust, a few quirks and balance issues, but not enough to release a 7m4.2.  Those changes will be made in 7m5.   

Let’s talk about what’s coming up!  We’ll be introducing a few new characters in c7m4, although some won’t be joining the Harem for quite some time.  I have the next two to three stages of the Elan storyline plotted out, and I think you’ll enjoy quite a bit of it.  Not only in terms of story content, but the Elani ball that Caliga has been talking about finally happens and you get your shot at Claudia.  Chinua also has new content, but you won’t get quite as far with her.  And ArdenW, one of my commissioners, is using his scene in game for some new Rachel content.

Hiro and Altan are working on the questline which will allow you back into Celee.  Altan is creating his first character that we’ll get introduced to in 7m5.  It might be a while before she joins the harem, but I hope to keep that storyline moving along fairly quickly.  Hiro has a quest in Corsixa done as well, and I’m hoping to finish up Edrin’s story this release.  T51b is working on some Leona content, but I’m not sure if that will make 7m5.

Taking a bit longer of a view of things:  I hope to put Harem c7m5 out to my patrons on the 20th and the public would get c7m4 then.  I should have the Elan set up for the climax in c7m6, which I’d like to release on June 10th.  c7m7 would be the climax of the Elan story and the reopening of Celee.  Celee would be chapter 8 and it is likely to be fairly short, focusing on Celee and the Tenta in Denai.  Then chapter 9 in Greca!

Just keep in mind the further ahead I predict the less confident I get in the predictions.  I’d like to move releases back to early in the month, but it will be a few steps to get there.  But lots of cool new content for you to enjoy and new women for you to experience!

And of course, a few teasers to try to tempt public players into becoming Patrons!



  1. I don't know if anyone else is having this problem but every time i try to download the new public update it just reloads the page and dose not download. I would use the mega download but that hasn't been updated.

  2. in your game the part where you can change Edrin to a female i like that but i was think more about it they could be some pay back to him/her for Cecilia,Rhea,Vanessa,Diana their since what he did to them and it could be a way to have Cecilia like the main char more if you had thought about that i would think you need to have your two healers down there too so they would not go too far

  3. Hey can someone tell me what the BGMs are? I like messing around with them making them my own I guess but it can be a pain sorting though them luckily these have titles so it's a little easier to guess what they are. Honestly I would be happy just to know the battle and after battle/victory ones. Sorry for rambling and thanks in advance