Thursday, May 3, 2018

Harem c7m5 is ready for release! 7m4 out to the public!

After way too long in development, Harem c7m5 is ready for my patrons!  Caliga has been making you do quest after quest for him to get invited to his ‘ball’, and more importantly, for a night with Claudia. That time has come.  The Elani themselves are far more trusting, sending Chinua to you so you can train her in swordplay.  Which you will, just not in the way she intended.  Mercalius has heard that Caliga is throwing a party and will have his own.  With blackjack and hookers!  (No, he doesn’t actually have Blackjack).  He also has a quest for you, sigh.

Harem c7m5
-After months of work to get invites, Caliga's ball is finally happening.  And with that, your night with Claudia and chance to make her yours!
-Speaking of parties, I could call c7m5 'The Tale of Two Parties'.  And Mercalius knows how to party... and he has a certain secretary that could use a taste of your power... and a rather hot wife!
-Chinua has been brought to your base for training in swordplay.  Time to teach her how to handle a piece of steel
-But it can't all be just fun and sexy bits.  Mercalius does have work to be done as well!
-A document has been added to /walkthroughs, outlining the History of Rata from Kathleen's perspective.  It will be added in-game in a later update
-5 new in-game scenes added (2 dance), 1 more to the Legate+ category
-224 pages of new text added, 207 new images

Bug fixes/QoL
-Numerous combat changes, reducing frequency of AoE from enemies and adding base attack to all enemies
-Fixed BGM assignment at start of game
-Numerous text/potrait/other issues.  Thanks for the reports TG
-Simplified Westlands Camps, shouldn't be possible to get stuck there anymore

And with that, Harem c7m4 goes public!  You’ve been chasing down Cecilia for almost a year, first recapturing her and then find a way to break through her resistance.  Well, you have all the tools needed, time to get that job done.  Terra was also very involved in the process, and might find herself changed by the experience.  The Province of Elan is beign governed by a petty tyrant, and that gives you a great opportunity to take his place.  Time to get working on that.  And of course, more quests and an event in The King’s Pleasure!

Harem c7m4
-After a long time waiting, it's time to put Cecilia back into your harem for good!  Or evil, up to you really...
-Terra had a huge role with Cecilia.  Reward her as well, but beware the consequences!
-There are two sides in Elan, the power and the people.  Both sides have jobs for you.
-Neither the Namuhists or Betans would stay quiet after being beaten.  They have their own plans for you.
-You've spent a fortune in The King's Pleasure.  Alison may have some new skills to show off, given you've done the other trainings.
-7 new in-game scenes, 1 more scene for the Legate+ patrons
-229 new images, 172 new pages of text

-Reorganized Legate+ scenes, moving Bigglack's and Arden's commission series into their own slots.


  1. Having some serious trouble with the download. Every time I attempt an extraction, the file freezes up. I've had this happen for short periods of time...only this time, it completely crashes, leaving only a partial extraction of the game

  2. In The King's Pleasure , There is a man saying something about something in coria. That I should come see him . I cant seem to find him

  3. I have spent two tokens at the kings pleasure. How do I get a third for Alison ?

    Also not sure what you mean the Namuhists or Betans have not been beaten

  4. Hey can someone tell me what the BGMs are? I like messing around with them making them my own I guess but it can be a pain sorting though them luckily these have titles so it's a little easier to guess what they are. Honestly I would be happy just to know the battle and after battle/victory ones. Sorry for rambling and thanks in advance