Sunday, June 5, 2016

4m1 Patreon release!

Testing is finished on v2c4m1 and I'm glad to send it out to my Patrons!  Their support is why we're on a monthly release cycle instead of biannual so a huge thanks to them!  Public release for 4m1 will be on the 24th.

Content Additions:
-Noemi has escaped from prison after the events in Lesser Corsix, and certainly is looking for you as much as you are looking for her!
-While Lesser Corsix have been saved from the Tu'Than, the city is still in dire straits!  Isn't there someone in town that can help rebuild?
-The mysterious Naitay and the Cheli in the Westlands also have an interest in Noemi.
-The old inn in Eowen may have a more profitable purpose if you can convince it's owner to give up his old ways!
-After defeating the Orcs in the Westlands, Joan can start providing resources and open the forest to you.
-Hearing of Sarah's 'relaxing' trip to the resort, Samantha wants to take a break as well.
-Multiple scenes for Noemi and Terra as well as an additional scene for Rhea, Alena and Phoebe.  15 new scenes in the main game and 2 more exclusive to $25+ patrons!
-195 new images
-~230 pages of new text

Bugs fixes and Modifications
-Many images resized and recentered.
-Many small improvements on image cycling to make events flow smoother
-Alena had been set to attack at 150% faster than normal, where it was intended to be 50% faster.  Corrected.
-Many Sprite swaps fixed


  1. This release was well worth the wait! Amazing! The Noemi stuff is as good or better than ever, but the new Shenetore content is an absolute winner. Naitay is an instant favorite and I'm delighted to see that she's actually a full fledged party member. I'm really looking forward to more scenes with her. For some reason I'm extra fond of your Cheli characters and now hope to one day roll around with a full Cheli party (except Ralph of course). You've done a great job and should be proud!

  2. Quick question; I've cleared all the main content but I'm looking for the side quest in Lesser Corsix and I just can't find it. I talked to the purple haired member of the Swords at the Inn in Lesser Corsix but he just talks about being short handed and doesn't give out any quests. I've also talked to every other NPC in town. There's nothing in the guide about this either. If I'm missing something please let me know!

    1. That should trigger after you've had your fun with Jessica at the Gala. The town has to be saved before it can try to rebuild. And thanks for the prior feedback as well!

    2. I regret to report that I already had my fun with Jessica in the previous release, so it looks like I may have discovered another bug. I'll send the save file along.

    3. New version in a few minutes to clear that up.