Tuesday, August 30, 2016

4m4 preliminary patch notes!

We've just started beta testing for the new 4m4 content.  It should be out to my Patrons by the 10th, thank you again for the support!  As always, preliminary notes are subject to change!  I'm also going to do a series of teasers for the next few days.  As usual, different teasers on Patreon, the blog and the forums!

Content Additions
-Another slave of Edrin's has escaped. Rhea would be most interested in finding the slave.
-Angelica's father needs Angelica's 'skills' and she will gain new abilities if you take the time to 'help' him.
-Kathleen being possessed and attacking you is getting so passe. Time to do something about that!
-You may have saved Lesser Corsix, but her troops are in bad shape. Tits for tat as they say!
-Fiona may be your slave, but there's more to her than just her enchanting abilities.
-Jessica from the Circle Guild might be most interested in what you've done for the fine people of Eliba.
-The strange character spying on you in 4m3 continues her work. You might be able to get your hands on her!
-8 new in game scenes, 2 new Patreon bonus scenes!
-5 new Brothel Scenes
-250 new images, 286 pages of new text

Bug fixes/modifications
-Higher default 640x480 resolution!
-Better large screen/fullscreen options. f6 to change window size, f5 to go fullscreen
-Fixed the black stripe under Fiona's/Terra's breasts


  1. I found a bug, I don't know if it's been reported yet:
    When you start the 3rd fight with Sarah (including the one you lose at first), the game crashes. I'm using v3c4m3.1.
    Currently I have only reached Eleen, handed Jorge to the governor, and chosen to beat Sarah in fair fight (blue choice).

    1. Something to do with load/save interactions. Try closing the game, running it, loading your game and going straight to the duel. Don't save until after.

  2. As i was leisurely trashing stinky skeletons in the necromancers tower an idea hit me which i decided to post here, to see if that sounds interesting to you.

    Currently, our protagonist is just a melee-joe with a slightly special dick, kinda boring yeah?

    Then why not create 4 (or more, or less) new classes he can advance into?
    2 for light path, and 2 for dark.
    For example in that tower he finds a book that teaches him the dark arts of necromancy... if hes dark enough (i'm sure this could be a good use for that nearly useless ethos indicator).

    Then you could go as far as to incorporate his new powers into the story itself.
    Currently the only thing he can do is put his dick into the girl to brainwash her... we've been doing that for a loooong while now. About time for more power, don't you think? ^^)v

    PS: The text generally is still a mess, needs work.

    1. Ah yes another thing i noticed.
      It seems after whoring sessions at the brothel the girls are disarmed by the game when you take them back, all gear is taken off of them and you have to re-gear them again.
      Not sure if that was intentional but it's a bit annoying.

    2. While more options = better it also takes more dev time. While I want to have as many options as possible, I also want to progress the main story. So two paths that have internal variations based on choices is the way we're going.

      And the 'text is a mess' comment is completely useless. Tell me where the issues are and I'll fix them.

      Yes, the unequip is intentional. It's less annoying than having to run back to brothel because you left a good item on a whore.

    3. 1, 2. ok if you say so.
      3. There are issues with almost all dialogues in the game, you need to scan all of the text and fix it, tons of mistakes everywhere so i don't even need to point them.. i hope. But in case i do i guess i may feel like doing it on my next playthrough since there are a lot and you need to literally scan every single sentence and pack it all into a .txt, probably won't be soon since i play many, many games with their problems and stuff.

      Bugs v2c4m3.1 (goddamn next time make the version number even longer lol):
      1. The castra archaeology quest the one where you go beyond the steel gate sometimes loops and phoebe gives it to you again even if you completed it already.

      2. Had more but i can't friggin' remember it so i'll drop a message later when i do or encounter it again.

    4. Yes you do actually. As I said, just stating 'there's issues' is completely useless. Take the time to write out the most egregious ones. But I'm really starting to believe you're just a troll from the quality of your responses so far.

    5. You can believe whatever you want mate, no concern of mine. :)
      PS: Loved your wetlands btw, all the savagery was quite delightful.

  3. i cant do vercin's quest in eleen to procced to angelica's unique quest?

    it just shows a choice of yes/no,but after i picked yes i wont have it readied

    1. What is the quest log in your inventory telling you to do atm?