Sunday, February 19, 2017

6m0 coming along, but the poll is incredibly close!

We're making great progress on 6m0 so far.  All of the Denai content is written (and mostly coded), Heather and Naitay's Corsix quest is submitted and I'm up to about 100 images.  If you've played v1, there's some similarities in the tram, but significant differences throughout.  Everything is looking good for an early March release.

Every month I do a poll for my Patrons, asking who they want to get a scene in the next release.  You met both Yvone and Beta during the Corsix quests and captured both of them during 5m4 (currently Patron only).  Before you leave for Denai, you'll have a chance to give one of them head for the road!  Right now, only one vote separates them.  If you want to cast your own vote, it only requires a $2+ pledge on my Patreon!


  1. I've been trying out version 1 and the game gets really messy in terms of programming by the time you reach chapter 6. The most notable thing is that dominating terra if you are on the light path is completely ignored. It isn't even brought up by teresa when you talk to her.

    1. Yep, was definitely a goal in the rewrite. But keep in mind that you've released your domination of Terra on the light path before Corsix.

  2. I'm thinking about making a wiki if you don't mind, except I dint know how to make it, but I do have an account at wikia.

  3. Kathleen's headgear slot is locked with the frozen collar. Even after I finished her memory quest, she still has it in the headgear slot.