Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Harem c5m4 up to release candidate!

Over the last few days, I've put in an additional scene for Angelica, and the Fiona scene that my patrons voted for in January.  All the content is in, the vast majority of bugs have been found and fixed.  We're just doing a final few playthroughs just to make sure. 

c5m4 final patch notes
-Unable to leave Corsix and pursue your missing slaves, the player will have time to explore the city himself and meet a few of the locals.
-You'll get access to most of your harem again, giving you a chance to find out what they did while you were incarcerated and maybe meet a few of the people they 'met'.
-Multipart quests for Donna, Fenja, Joan, Cindy and Kathleen.
-An extended post-coital conversation with Angelica about what lays ahead. Well both post-coital and pre-coital.
-2 new minor slaves are capturable, Yvone and Beta. Although there might be a more profitable use for Beta than having her laze about your base.
-One future slave introduced.
-8 scenes added to base game, 3 more Non-canon/bonus scenes
-303 pages of text added
-286 images added

-Noemi didn't leave town without saying goodbye. You'll find her in your garrison.

Bug Fixes/Adjustments
-Reduced the number of events in Corsix to smooth performance. Some people will still have performance issues in Corsix, this is just my first stab at fixing, or at least improving, it.
-Smoothed out some transitions in Noemi's 'Doing Time' sequence
-Various text corrections

Unless there's any unforeseen issue, Harem c5m4 should come out to my patrons in the next few days!


  1. When do you think the player will be able to capture Eleanor?

  2. Promising, quite some new content it is not ?

    Something I've been wondering, when saying you added events (content) to base game, is this content requiring a restart or is the "base game" the vanilla version ?

    1. c5m4 is entirely new content. I had polled my patrons in December if they wanted to stay in Corsix for a release and explore some of the leftover threads from your harem's quests. They overwhelming voted to do some questing in Corsix first.

      The player didn't get the chance to do that in v1. It went straight from the trial to the tram. So everything is new. One of the added characters (Beta) was hinted at in v1, but never explored. Or fucked.

  3. Quick question.
    Whatever happened to Fiona's maid?
    Have not seen any trace of her since the "date" with her.

  4. Thanks for the reply,Ker.

    As to Fiona's maid, yes it is a good question.