Saturday, January 28, 2017

And 5m4 is in testing!

Already getting great bug reports from my testers, and I hope to be able to release c5m4 to my patrons on or before the 5th.  After I do that, I will be releasing c5m3 to the public!

c5m4 preliminary patch notes:
-Unable to leave Corsix and pursue your missing slaves, the player will have time to explore the city himself and meet a few of the locals.
-You'll get access to most of your harem again, giving you a chance to find out what they did while you were incarcerated and maybe meet a few of the people they 'met'.
-Multipart quests for Donna, Fenja, Joan, Cindy and Kathleen.
-An extended post-coital conversation with Angelica about what lays ahead.  Well both post-coital and precoital.
-2 new minor slaves are capturable, Yvone and Beta.  Although there might be a more profitable use for Beta than having her laze about your home.
-One future slave introduced.
-Currently 287 pages of text added, likely ~50 more before release.
-Currently 211 images, likely ~100 more before release.

-Noemi didn't leave town without saying goodbye.  You'll find her in your garrison.

Bug Fixes/Adjustments
-Reduced the number of events in Corsix to smooth performance.  Some people will still have performance issues in Corsix, this is just my first stab at fixing, or at least improving, it.
-Smoothed out some transitions in Noemi's 'Doing Time' sequence

And of course, 5m3 teasers from current Patron content. Two are from the game itself, one is from the bonus scenes only available to $25+ patrons.

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  1. When will the player capture Elanor? The next chapter or later on?