Saturday, January 14, 2017

Feedback request on Jessica.

After a series of early game patches, we're making good progress on c5m4.  But Jessica's upcoming content is something which I'm thinking about quite a bit.  In version 1, one of the main fetishes she embodied was sexual exploitation.  You let other men fuck her, use her for your own benefit.  And she over time will learn to get off on that.  But a lot of the work I've done on chapter 5 has shown me that a very significant number of my players might not enjoy that content.

So I'm asking for feedback on how to rewrite Jessica's content.  Likely there will be a primary line mirroring how it worked in version 1, but I'm trying to figure out if it's worth a lot of additional work to create a secondary arc where she doesn't get used that way.  There's a few ways I think I could do it.

1.  Because it's isolated to a single slave and all at your direct order, it's acceptable.  Keep it mostly as is, just with the usual quality improvement.  Tomas's dark scene with her has to be fundamentally changed either way, but the Donnie light/dark and Tomas light scenes all were strong as is.
2.  Create a choice point where you can refuse that content, but at the cost of most of her future content if you choose to keep her to yourself.  A bit of talking to bring the events into the plot without you commanding her to fuck other men, but then only content that would have occured either way.  
3.  Create a choice point, and then try to create parallel arcs.  Where an exploitation scene has a mirror non-exploitation scene.  If that sounds like the ideal solution, keep in mind that there's a fixed amount of content we can generate and that would mean less content along any single path.

But I'm sure that there's other options I haven't thought of.  Tell me what you think!  I'm likely to decide this by a two part Patreon poll at some point, but for now I just want feedback.

And of course, some teasers from the c5m3 content which my patreons are currently enjoying!


  1. As one of the players who really doesn't like sharing (And one who also likes Jessica's design) I'd obviously prefer 3. Though I'll note between 1 and 2 I don't feel a huge pull either way, despite my dislike of the content that'd be unavoidable in 1. If the content is vastly limited for not sharing, then with the size of the harem I might as well share and ignore Jessica even being a part of harem.

    I think optimally what I'd love is 3, but maybe with scenes that share bits or partially play either way? Say, a scene that starts out with you and Jessica, and ends up involving Tomas/Donnie in the second half, and then for those who don't share either the second half is left off or replaced. So that at least half the scene is the same either way and thus less writing is required. Trying to do that for multiple scenes might make them harder to come up with, though.

    Also, while it might not help much given others disliking such content will have different opinions, I'm not diametrically opposed to sharing through non-penetrative sex. I get nothing out of it, and would rather it not be there, but it doesn't cause me to skip forward and pretend it never happened like penetrative sex would. Granted, even outside of different preferences and lines in sand, it's hard to imagine that information being of much use since non-penetrative doesn't leave many options unless you go off the beaten path of sex acts, but felt it worth mentioning just for full disclosure.

  2. id say that choice is always the best, as it gives the chance to influence the game in some ways
    So 3 seems to be the most optimal option, even if there will be less scenes and content
    And also it makes playing the game again more likeable if someone isnt exactly opposed to sharing some bits here and there

  3. I really hate sharing so for i must say either 2 or 3 while i might not like the fact that people like me who hate the netorare fetish are gonna have to give up on getting jessica content i also understand that you have time limit for each release with the patreon and all as well as a limit to amount of content you can put in the game

    SO IN SHORT I HATE SHARING and if it comes down to share or nothing i choose to get nothing

    OF COURSE I PREFER the option number 3 BUT as i understand the limitations and that the chances for option 3 actually occuring are slim I CAN live with option number 2

  4. It's been a while since i played the old version but (to me at least) that version it seemed more Jessica wanted that and you just let her do it then exploitation (NOTE: This was on the light side path).

    I really liked the feel of this, while not usually a fan of that kind of thing (as the hero i should be able to protect my girls from being with anyone but me) I didn't really mind how the old version turned out. So for me it's more about how it happens then the fact that it occurs.

    for example: more Jessica being like "I like having sex with a bunch of people at once..." and less Ralph forcing her into it like "you're going to be lent to whomever I say and too bad how you feel". Of course this could end up the feel of the light vs dark side approach, but light side Ralph is more about unlocking their hidden desires (like with Sarah) then forcing them into things.

    TLDR: 1 is fine depending how it's done.

    1. What you described at the end is mostly the differences between light and dark, although on both paths she'll learn to enjoy it.

  5. I'd prefer her having multiple options there, changing based on your decisions. But, I understand how that would be harder to pull off...

    1. Harder probably isn't the right term. It's how to devote resources. There's only so much time I can devote to Harem, and the more parallel paths I create, the less distance each path covers.

  6. I'd much prefer 2 or 3.

  7. I'd prefer all of them develop in that direction. I did like how Donna helped with freeing Cindy and I miss the scene where Donna helps motivate some young soldier in Lesser Corsix before battle.