Wednesday, January 25, 2017

An update on the update!

Starting to put everything together, combining the images, text and mechaincs into the game itself. Should be in testing before the end of the month, hopefully release within a few days of Feb 5th.

Complete short of assembly: Donna, Angelica, Cindy, Joan/Beta, Fenja/Yvone, Noemi and Fiona's scene. I've bumped Kathleen's priority up as she's another active quest, and I want you all out doing things after the trial arc.

Bubble, but unlikely : Phoebe and Sarah. They're both passive interactions with just talking/scene.

Next month: Naitay, Heather and Fiona's post-quest content/interactions if you didn't capture Fiona in Eowen. Hiro should be back and writing during Feb, and t51b has taken over Fiona, so that will leave me with a realitively short to-do list mysef. My current plan is to finish up my odds and ends in Corsix and then start rewriting the tram.

If it works out that way; Feb will be 5m4 and March will be the start of chapter 6 as you all take the tram into Denai to track down your AWOL women and go hunting for a few more!
And as always, some teasers from the 5m3 content my patrons are currently enjoying!


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