Friday, January 6, 2017

Harem c5m3 released to Patrons! Public version upgraded to c5m2!

I just released Harem c5m3 to my $5+ Patrons, which completes the main plot of chapter 5.  All of your slaves have had their chance to 'argue' for your innocence and the trial will happen!  After the trial is finished, you finally get to add Jessica to your harem and deal with a few other results of the trial.  If you wish to play the newest content immediately, any pledge of $5 or more will get you instant access to it!

Patreon link:

c5m3 content additions:
-Final two slave quests complete, Fiona and Terra.  Both are quite lengthy.
-One more visitor at night before the trial!
-Trial sequence finished, find out if your slaves were able to get you freed!
-Jessica is finally added to the Harem.  After some paperwork is taken care of...
-Additional scenes for Donna from the Patreon Poll!
-10 or 11 new scenes added in base game
-5 new bonus scenes, 2 available to all, 3 only for $25+ Patrons
-327 images added to game
-278 pages of next text to finish up the primary plot of chapter 5!
-16 new flavor NPCs in Corsix

Bug Fixes/Adjustments
-Removed Ethos # from save screen.  Blue screen = light.  Red screen = dark
-Added weather affects to all coastal areas.
-Fixed an issue where a dead Ralph entering a brothel = game over
-Fixed an issue with the beach quest and collecting 6+ wine casks.
-Terra has no quest guidance in Corsix
-Alice's face and sprite updated.  No additional interactions added.
-If you cross into Corsix with Rhea/Alena and your dark/light, they will be removed from your harem.  You will have the chance to recapture them later.
-Moved Cecilia's commissioned series into it's own entry in Replay Scenes

With the new version of Harem available to my patrons, the public version gets incremented to the version they were playing.  c5m2 brings you up to just before the trial, with only Terra and Fiona's quest unavailable.  6 more slaves get their quests, and 'Ralph' gets 4 more events even while under house arrest.

c5m2 content additions:
-6 new slave Quests to gain votes in Corsix.  Donna, Sarah, Cecilia, Phoebe, Cindy and Fenja now have their quests available.
-All quests will have a solution that doesn't involve your harem f%#^ing other people.  But if you enjoy it, every quest does have a solution that involves your harem f@#$ing other people!
-4 additional night events.  Even under house arrest, 'Ralph' gets plenty of action!
-Nicole will be captured even if you declined on night 4
-Expanded Eleanor interactions to put a name to the face.
-~300 pages of new text in the game
-316 new images in the game
-13 new in game scenes added, 2 bonus non-canon scenes added
Bug Fixes/Adjustments
-Adjusted Fenja and Sarah's tour stop.  Sarah stops at the Sharpsword Inn, Fenja next door (east)
-Various map size fixes
-In Replay Scenes, pressing PgDn will end the current scene


  1. i may be a little late (public one) i lie the new new title screen if i had the money i would donate sorry .

    1. Thanks, and not a problem. If you want to help but can't afford Patreon, word of mouth is massive to 'indie' games like this. Go onto a forum and tell people why they should play it. Put up a review on gamejolt for Harem. Tell your friends. Etc.

      It helps a lot more than you think!

  2. Are the bug fixes in both releases? Cause I've been waiting for that casket one to be fixed before trying to get back to where I was, since I lost my original save file and want to earn my position back to where I was, this time while trying both the evil and good paths(originally just went through the good).

    1. You should be able complete the quest fine even with the bug, so I didn't force a new version for it. It is fixed in 5m3, but in 5m2 just take the option to go home and turn in the quest.

    2. Damn.:( Was waiting for the version where I could complete the whole mission, not just the bare minimum.:\

  3. And just checked. It was said before that the christmas bit would be included with the next download, but it seems to have not been included for some reason.

  4. Bug in Fenja, Lady Yvonne mansion.
    End, or close to ?
    Fenja is requested by the husband, "full screen" image of him taking her arm, the game seem to lucien locked (did not find the content required ?)

    This said, Naitay has a nice mission.
    Connected to Shelly it could provide a neat to interstitial branch mission.

    If you haven't yet considered the resistant Shelli & colon :

    While on the search inside temples / long lost installation (could well be a semi hidden branch, reality oblige (a lead is often a tiny thing wich is why it is also called "branching" ;)

    And so, finding a nearly invisible design it allow (condition, who is in the active party 》 Phoebe ?) To find books/design related to ancient knowledge. Something lost since then who is not even considered by now.

    Thus, the colon add in ressources & techs the natives would have trouble to reach.

    Thus opening something of an uplift (what is found then, .. :p).

    Options, priority, preferences. Happy 2017 ker and others.

    1. Did the game crash during Fenja or did it just not erase a picture after a sequence? If it's a crash that's probably a corrupted download as it's the first I've heard of it.

      On the ?Cheli? I agree that it should be a lengthy questline, but I generally don't like RPGs that just have you randomly click on everything to see if it does anything. Especially as Harem hasn't worked that way in the past.

  5. It is at the start of the dialogue while she is going from Nov to npc.

    I'll try with another download in case, always possible, troubleshooting is a time consuming step and still quite required.

  6. "Npc to npc".

    After the trader make Beta dance and the other side of the table leave. I'll see what to do then report.

    As to an issue being reported, see texts, people will (..) see it then get over it, only some will actually note then report. Add to it the multiples choices given that part of the game. How many people choose Fenja ? Tbs.

    1. Was doing testing today and double checked this. Tried and completed both options, no crash.

  7. Bug that I haven't seen mentioned: In Sarah's quest, if you talk to Varangian from behind, the scene gets stuck because he can't move there.

    Aside from that, absolutely loving the new Corsix design. The various sex scenes between slaves and others being optional is great, nevermind the generally expanded content and flavor NPCs fleshing out the city. And even outside of all other improvements to the game to this point, this version would be superior to the previous just for the slaves' conversations with Melody, Daniella, Betsy, and...arg, antagonist for Dark path, can't remember her name. They're wonderful.

    1. Thanks! I think that was fixed in 5m3. I'm doing a huge bug-fix release for patrons today, and I'm going to try to migrate all the 5m3+ fixes to the public, but that might take another day or two.

      And you're thinking on Teresa.

    2. Ah, yes! Lost my copy of the earlier version, and only this far on Dark path, so couldn't get her name via Terra and it slipped my mind.

      And just in case this isn't in the mentioned bug-fix, another bug in the same vein: With Fenja's quest, the last time you talk to Leviticus, if you stand at his side and face the table instead of him you get stuck on the CG with no text.

    3. +1 exactly that. Could be related to the position used, indeed.