Sunday, January 8, 2017

Transitioning into 5m4!

For December and January I had been polling my patrons to see what they wanted after the trial was over.  Do we immediately plunge deeper into Rata or take a month to get the main character out into the streets of Corsix, finishing up some of the quests that your slaves started before and maybe adding another woman or two to your harem?  The answer was overwhelmingly to stay in Corsix for another release (84% of the vote) so February’s release will be c5m4, a sidequest release in Corsix and the areas immediately surrounding it.

While the player won’t be able to go back into Celee at this point, there’s a lot to do in Corsix.  The area around Corsix was never explored in v1.  So, you’ll have a few local sidequests to complete inside of town, but I really want the player to get out and doing things again.  A few of the loose ends from the slave quests easily transform into a few dungeon quests, so there will be a chance to slay some monsters, get some loot as well as getting some more booty!

I don’t know yet if I’ll be able to complete all the post-trial content in a month.  Hiro is dealing with some personal difficulties and won’t be able to write this month, so it’s just T51b and I writing.  He’ll be working on Fiona, both as a slave and free, and possibly Noemi/Sarah, leaving the rest for me.  My first guess is that March will be split between finishing up the quests and then jumping into the tram, but I’ll give you more updates and a patreon poll when we get further along.


  1. What will you do about Vanessa? Will you get her the way you did in version one or will it be something completely different this time?

    1. Her dark route scene was one that I particularly liked in v1. The light scene wasn't bad, just was a bit predictable.

      They'll have to be modified slightly to adjust new content, but overall I like the way they worked.