Sunday, March 5, 2017

c6m0 Final patch notes

Content additions
-The tram is open to bring you into Denai to recover Terra and Samantha. It will not be easy. 6m0 starts that process, 6m1+ will be part of this content.
-Extended interactions with Jessica, Kathleen and Donnie/Tomas both making the coming battles clearer and defining Jessica's role in your harem. The player will have a no-share option for all Jessica + Donnie/Tomas interactions.
-The first of the Denai events, with your explosive entry into this new zone!
-The start of the Fiona's capture path if you didn't capture her in Eowen.
-The conclusion to Sarah, Naitay, Heather and Laura's chapter 5 arcs.
-The ability to 'meet' Melony and Betsy personally. And carnally.
-As my patrons voted for her, Beta will get a scene set
-16 new scenes, 2 bonus
-246 new images
-306 new pages of text

Bug Fixes/Adjustments
-Broken the Minor Slave category in Replay Scenes into individual characters
-Fixed an issue where you had to stand in the right spot for Donna's 5m4 quest.
-Add in a warning message when text is hidden
-Reduced damage for Bandit archers
-Reduced Shenetore music volume
-300+ text corrections throughout the game
-Broken the Minor Slave category in Replay Scenes into individual characters

-Samantha is from Denai, not Corsix.

Wow! Despite February being a short month, a lot of new content coming for 6m0. Should be ready for release in the next day or two!  After that's out, I'll update the public version to 5m4.  

If you want to play c5m4 immediately and get c6m0 as soon as it comes out, all you have to do is pledge $5 or more to support the development of Harem and you'll get the download links.  And there's additional rewards at higher levels of support!

Teasers from c6m0


  1. With the exchange rate with my country right now that $5 is a little to high for my sigh, wish I was loaded, but someday I will be able to afford that.

  2. I'm surprised it's not out already.

    1. Last month was a bit earlier than normal. My goal each month is to release by the 5th, and I 'require' myself to release by the 10th.

    2. It's just that usually, you release on the first friday of each month.

    3. Hmm, interesting. I would definitely prefer to give you all the weekend to play it (and have a weekend off myself) but it's not my official schedule. The goal of 5th, by the 10th is.

    4. I'm sure you have your reasons like being busy with real life stuff as well.

    5. Mostly forgetting that February is only 28 days. Give me those 2-3 days back and it would have been out on Friday!