Monday, April 3, 2017

Harem c6m1 just around the corner!

Thank you everyone for the patience while we get the new content ready!  We're all hard at work (heh) on getting Harem c6m1 ready for release.  Even though t51b's computer blew up this month, we were still able to break 300+ pages of new content and 10+ scenes, so it's going to be a big release! 

The teasers are from the new c6m1 content.  It should come out in the next few days.  If you want to play it ASAP, as well as support the continuing development of Harem, now is a great time to pledge.  Any pledge of $5 or more will get you instant access to the c6m0 content and will let you download c6m1 as soon as it gets released.
Content additions
-The quest to recover Terra begins!  You'll have to rely on your new allies to get her back!
-Terra isn't the only slave taken from you in Corsix.  Samantha, Cecilia and Rhea/Alena are in Denai and you will get one of them back during 6m1
-A chance to meet the strange Tenta order and learn more about them.  Quite a bit more about they're leader, Ulya.
-A new area means new slaves, and you get to start the questing to add Rachel into your harem!
-As my patrons voted for, there will be a new Jessica/Heather threesome scene
-An additional sidequest line to bring the fight to those hunting you.
-12 new scenes, 2 bonus scenes added
-262 new images
-315 new pages of text

-Your second fight with Betsy and Melony occurs after you visit your base the first time.

The above teasers are from the c6m1 content.  When c6m1 comes out, I will update the public version to c6m0, which added the following content:

Content additions
-The tram is open to bring you into Denai to recover Terra and Samantha.  It will not be easy.  6m0 starts that process, 6m1+ will be part of this content.
-Extended interactions with Jessica, Kathleen and Donnie/Tomas both making the coming battles clearer and defining Jessica's role in your harem.  The player will have a no-share option for all Jessica + Donnie/Tomas interactions.
-The first of the Denai events, with your explosive entry into this new zone!
-The start of the Fiona's capture path if you didn't capture her in Eowen.
-The conclusion to Sarah, Naitay, Heather and Phoebe's chapter 5 arcs.
-The ability to 'meet' Melony and Betsy personally.  And carnally.
-As my patrons voted for her, Beta will get a scene set
-16 new scenes, 2 bonus
-246 new images
-306 new pages of text

Bug Fixes/Adjustments
-Broken the Minor Slave category in Replay Scenes into individual characters
-Fixed an issue where you had to stand in the right spot for Donna's 5m4 quest.
-Add in a warning message when text is hidden
-Reduced damage for Bandit archers
-Reduced Shenetore music volume
-300+ text corrections throughout the game
-Broken the Minor Slave category in Replay Scenes into individual characters

-Samantha is from Denai, not Corsix.


  1. So far, so good. Recently thought of something to help improve the game a bit though.;)

    What if you made it so that, depending on the route you go with the girls(good or evil), their profile and sprite pics would slightly differ? Such as expressions and clothes. Like, Donna could, in the evil one, go without her white jacket while gaining a more sadistic expression, for example, to match how she changes on that path. And similar slight changes like that for the other girls.

    ...I know such would require a good bit of work, but I think it would make things a good deal better to have such little touches mixed in.

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  3. Is there anyway to update without starting over entirely?

  4. Is there anyway to update to the new version without starting all over?