Monday, October 16, 2017

Harem c6m6 released to Patrons, c6m5 released to public!

Harem c6m6 is ready for release!  All your women are back in your harem, but one still resists you.  Cecilia has managed to resist your power more than any other women, but how is a complete mystery.  Your other slaves might have some ideas on how she does it.  It’s also time to look for new lands and new women.  Kathleen is striking beautiful and from the province of Elan.  More women like her would be worth a great deal of work.  But what has happened in the intervening centuries… And of course there’s more than that going on.  Fiona and Yvone have been left alone or too long, and Rachel is due another visit in your shop.

content additions
-Cecilia still waits for you in the dungeon, but the quest to make her accept her place as your slave will take you far afield.
-Kathleen hasn't seen her home province of Elan for centuries.  With your harem full again, it's time to explore new lands and learn more about Kathleen's people and her.
-Fiona was left in Corsix to run her shop while you were in Denai.  It's time to pay her a visit if you captured her in Eowen.
-Speaking of left in Corsix, what has Yvone been up to?  (Patreon poll scene)
-You have set Rachel up with a shop in Denai and given her some time to run it.  Now rent is due, but you'll gladly take payment in her instead of gold.
-Your enemies may have the Hearthstone, but your allies may be able to help you move around faster again.
-144 pages of content, another ~40 or so coming soon in Legate+ scenes
-131 new images, another ~40 or so coming soon in Legate+ scenes

And with that, c6m5 will be released to the public! Terra, Samantha, and Noemi are back in your harem, and you’ve added Vanessa and Ariel as well. There are many other beautiful women in Denai and Corsixa, it’s time to turn your attention to them. You will (finally) be able to add Alena to your harem on the light route, Rhea on the dark! Leona and Alison are also both worthy to be part of your quest, but taking them might be a challenge! But you can’t ignore the women already with you, both Vanessa and Noemi get some attention this release as well!

Content additions
-Both Rhea and Alena are restricted to the path you are on.  No longer!  The game will let you capture Alena on light and Rhea on dark after the events in Denai!
-Vanessa has finally accepted her place in your harem, but she can't just go AWOL.  You'll have to bring her back to Corsix to report in, after a bit of additional 'encouragement'.
-My patrons wanted Noemi to get a reward scene, so she does!
-Both Leona and Alison belong in your harem, but getting them there might be a challenge.  Time to start actively working on that goal!
-153 pages of new content!
-186 new images
-7 new in-game scenes, 2 new scenes for Legates+
-Several old maps improved
-Difficulty can now be changed from -100 to +100

Bug fixes/balancing
-Hunter is in the process of improving character skills, making combat more interesting.  It will take several releases, but we're starting on it now!
-Numerous text fixes/event improvements in old content


  1. Are the trapped forest for Leona and the talk in a room with Alison are as far as those storylines go right now? Didn't see the usual "To be continued in later version" message for either of them, but ran low on places to check for more content.

    1. Also, rather amusing bug from resuming Light playthrough: If you're in the middle of the votes-for-trial sequence when you load it up to play c6m5, the redo of characters causes you to suddenly have full party. Doesn't really seem to break anything, though.

  2. Just a quick thing: in the scene in the Hideout when Donna and Samantha are arguing, after choosing the Good option, the shadows on Donna's face make her look horrible. Like she's got 5 o'clock shadow and two black eyes.

    1. I'll take a look to see if I still have the pose for that image.

  3. I have a problem: I must defeat Betsy/Melony but I can't find her camp between the moutains and Denai.

    1. Have you done the Tenta and Temple Mons bit yet? You have to do that, talk to your ally before the trap will trigger.

    2. Thanks, I will try that.

    3. I talked to my ally, but she didn't give me a quest for the Tenta.

    4. Or the temple Mons...

  4. I have started playing 6M5 and on your mission to kill the wolves and gather their tails for Vercin(SP) the wolf packs are dropping 218G, is that an error because it seems to be a little much for wolves to be dropping.