Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Harem c6m6 update! Beta testing begins.

We started the early Beta testing for Harem c6m6 on Sunday and all my fantastic testers are digging through the code to find all the bugs.  Release should still be about the 15th.  And another piece of good news with it:  I think I figured out how I want to deal with Cecilia’s submission, but storywise and gameplay wise.  With how late that block broke there isn’t enough time to develop anything beyond the next step, but her (re)downfall is near!

And to address a question that came up on Discord today:  I want to move the release for each month’s content back to around the 5th instead of the 15th.  What I’m looking for is a month where I can generate enough content in a 3 week span to move the release date.  This month didn’t work because opening up a new zone is time consuming even without content, and Hiro had been having personal obligations keeping him away from writing.  Even t51 decided to move across the country which slowed down his usual production as well.

My own health is back, it sounds like their lives are getting back in order, and I’m working on bringing in a 4th writer so we can try to get back to that 2-300 pages/month content level.  When we get closer, I’ll be giving you more details on that.  But there is a lot more content to come!  I’m doing my best to make sure that July-October is just a dip in the schedule, not the new normal.

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