Friday, December 4, 2015

Patreon launched!

There's been a lot of people asking me about Patreon because they want to support my development of the game.  Not one to turn down offers like that I have created a Patreon account!

Big note though : I'm still learning this as I do it and I'm sure I"ll make a few mistakes in the process.  Also essentially all the Patreon bonuses haven't been implemented yet and are slated for at or around the 0.2 release.

Have at it, and you have my humble thanks if you do decide to support the development of Harem!
Patreon Link!


  1. That's good! Let's hope, it will get some momentum.

  2. Came to check if there were any news on this game (do it every couple of months on the off chance) and Io and behold it's back and although I dont really like the business model of patreon, already pledged.

    1. Thanks! But considering every other crowd funding/direct pay system has the business model of adult content = evil Patreon seems to be the best bet for me.