Monday, December 14, 2015

Update 12/14

Another week of forward progress but might have had a significant setback.

Work accomplished
Sarah - 6/8 scenes written, 6/8 imaged and coded.  I forgot how much of a pain combat eventing is and it took me most of the day to script the 3 fights with her.  But hopefully they'll be interesting.  Overall a lot more character in her capture sequence.  Only thing left is base scenes.
Terra - Completely rewrote her capture and mind sequence.  26 pages overall.  About End will still give you a choice but it's going to different on the dark path and not as immediate of an impact.  2/4 scenes written, again just base stuff left to do.  Nothing imaged, see the note below.
1 sidequest implemented.

There will be a series of scripted fights with Sarah
There will be random fights inside of Terra's mind
There will be random fights in the side-quest dungeon.
There will not be random fights in the overland map

Leveling will be two part.  There will be exp from battles that will raise level, but it will apply to everyone in your harem atm.  I've coded a sequence that will let me bring new slaves up to the same level as everyone else at the same time.  But as you progress from one chapter to the next you'll get put up to a minimum level if you haven't done any side-quests along the way.  The content in that chapter will be balanced as if you were that minimum level.

What's left?
Base scenes.  I'm not sure if I'm going to do them for everyone currently in the group.  Terra will need 2 for story progression.  Sarah and Samantha may share a scene and Donna's featured in a sidequest scene so I may just leave it on that.

Jessica's introduction - Fairly simple and the existing writing will just need a few slight tweaks.

What's the setback?
Windows did an update this morning and now 3dcg won't work.  Freezes as the default character does her introduction in Japanese.  Doesn't matter how long it sits, never moves forward.  Tried different compatibility settings, didn't help.  Tried to remove all arcs, didn't help.  Tried to reinstall 3dcg in a clean spot, didn't help.  If anyone knows a solution to this, the help would be appreciated.

System info
Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, set region to : Japanese
16gb RAM
Nvidia GTX 670 graphics
Running on a 180gb Intel SSD

What's the result?
Trying to set up a virtual Windows 8 computer to solve the issue for now.  But it'll be bad in terms of productivity and workflow.  If that doesn't work I can reuse old images or just got imageless until I build another computer to handle this specific job.  For 2.0.2 I might go re-used image/imageless and then fill in content over time.  I'm hoping this won't interfere with me releasing in early January to Patreons and Mid January for everyone.


  1. Shit unfortunately I'm rather clueless on that side of things, but good luck.

  2. You can open control panel->programs and components, select view installed updates on the left, sort the list by date. Then uninstall updates one by one.

  3. Just check back after a few months and was happy to see that you were back. Can't wait to try the revised version of Harem.

  4. do you use a locale program if do, then try using this program to run it

    it works with windows 8,10 and 10.2 (1511)

  5. Now that Jessica is being introduced, I have a question.

    Will it be possible to avoid Donnie/Tomas joining? To me sharing with another man is a turn off.

    1. Possibly. I think her interactions with them are pretty central to the her story and a bit to the main plot but I've gotten the request a few times and will consider it when I get to that. Although that is many chapters from now.

  6. I can offer two ideas off the top off my head.
    1.Delete the program folder for the file and download the whole thing again.
    2.Do the same thing with the window locale set for Japanese, see if the program is working, if not download again.

  7. want to ask but have you ever thought of using bullet physics for the sex like AA2, I think it would be also instead of pictures only. what do you think?

    it looks like a free software to use too:

    1. 3dcg is designed for adult content,fairly easy to use and has a huge mod community still producing models for it years after release. Also stays far clear of the uncanny valley which is a huge turn off for me.

    2. hmm interesting but here is my feedback. there is 2 Scene that contain donna and the main character where their eyes looks really creepy. one of them is when you have sex is donna In the hidout when she is cooking, the pc eyes looks very creepy. and the other Scene is when donna and Samantha is arguing, donna eyes becomes fucked up.

      the other Scenes are very good though

  8. Hello i got a question, is it a bug in the game,after you acquire first two girls,that you can't go anywhere? it says that you can't go with a small raft,i checked everything :(,please some help

    1. Nope, that was all the content in 0.1. 0.2 will be significantly larger.

  9. My advice if you are using the latest Insider Preview program, try going back to the previous build. There's an option to return to previous stable build(Try search for it). The reason you can't start 3DCG is due to latest preview build being buggy onto games. Going back to previous build will solve the issue. Try to avoid the Insider Preview update version for now until more stable update is released.

  10. may be a driver issue. a game i play has had serious issues with windows 10 sp1 (or whatever it's called) fucking up driver installs. if you're not getting BSODs it's probably not a gpu/psu issue though, i've been through two psu failures myself and for me it showed up as BSODs pointing to the gpu.