Monday, December 21, 2015

Update 12/21

Things weren't as bad I was worried about with the 3dcg.  Wasn't a Windows issue making the game break, looks like either my video card or power supply went bad.  Taking out the old GPU and running off of integrated has gotten 3dcg to work again, albeit a lot slower then before.  I have the replacement parts already but don't want to install them until get 2.2 out.

So I was able to make progress this week.

Terra - All written, just base needs to be coded.  Talk event written.  All of her is done except for her base events which are fully written.  While the events superficially resemble those of v1 the actual storytelling is far better this time around and it flows far better then the old version.
Sarah - 8/8 written, 6/8 coded.  Talk event started.  Same as Terra, she's fully coded in the world just requires her base scenes imaged and her talk event finished up.
Cindy - Completed
Donna and Samantha - They have some interactions written but not sure how much they'll have their own time in the spotlight this chapter.

Essentially I just have to write the base events but that can be done and implemented without focused testing itself so it can 

-I've officially started testing although we've been unofficially testing all week and worked out most of the gamebreaking stuff already. 
-If everything goes according to plan we'll be finalized by the end of the month.  The early access Patreon group will get it as soon as the pledges go through and then the public release will be a week after that.


  1. ummmm, quick question, how do you get off the Island once you find Donna and Samantha?

    1. Yeah that would be incredibly helpful.