Sunday, July 31, 2016

4m3 patch notes and bonus teasers!

I finished the very last of writing and coding for v2c4m3 today and my testers (big thanks to both Fiktion and Omnibomb) have done numerous runthroughs catching a tonne of bugs and mistakes.  We're getting very close to release.  They'll keep poking around and since I'm done with content creation I can make a few passes myself.  4m3 Patreon release should be on the 5th, Public on the 26th of August!

Before I give you the patch notes for it, lemme show you some of the teasers for the bonus scenes!

Content Additions
-The end of Kathleen's sequence may have resolved her past, but it was a bit of a cliff-hanger for the rest of Celee.  You'll have to work with the Celeean Swords to address this new threat and change your relationship with them fundamentally in the process.
-You control both of the human groups in the Westlands, but the peace between them is shaky at best.  You'll need to unify your followers before going further into this new land.
-With a member of the Celeean Swords now part of your Harem, Heather will have additional quests for you.
-Terra, Sarah and Donna all have quests to explore their characters and get sweet unique gear for them as well!
-Added a new shop in Eowen next to Fiona's, Amazing Mechanics, selling off-hand items for those who can't use a shield or duel-wield.
-New Brothel scenes for Donna, Samantha (dark route only), Sarah, Heather and Kathleen
-8 new in game scenes, 5 brothel scenes and two bonus scenes added!
-167 new images, 210 pages of new text!

Bug Fixes/Modifications
-Significant buff to Noemi, giving her new skills and reducing the cost of existing ones.
-Kathleen's Frozen Collar was supposed to be removed at the end of her questline and the stat buffs it gave her transferred to her directly.  There was a few scenarios in 4m2 that wouldn't remove the collar, those have now been resolved retroactively.



  1. ...Man, the lady in that last pic looks pretty. I hope she's not brothel-exclusive or anything...

    1. Put a dress on someone familiar and nobody can recognize her anymore :)

      But no, she's not brothel exclusive. That is something I'm very unlikely to do.