Saturday, July 16, 2016

Status update, 4m3 rough change log, polls changing

So a bit of personal info.  During the end of the 4m2 dev cycle I put in a string of 14+ hour days trying to get everything working right and an early July release.  Unfortunately I got myself sick in the process and had to take a light week afterwards to recuperate.  My own contribution to 4m3 will be a bit smaller as a result, but Hunter769 has decided to join the quest writing team and his ideas a pretty cool!  Between him and Hiro's work 4m3 should still be a decent sized update.
This is a preliminary change log, please don't view these as locked yet!
-The end of Kathleen's sequence may have resolved her past, but it was a bit of a cliff-hanger for the rest of Celee.  You'll have to work with the Celeean Swords to address this new threat and change your relationship with them fundamentally in the process.
-You control both of the human groups in the Westlands, but the peace between them is shaky at best.  You'll need to unify your followers before going further into this new land.
-Hiro is further expanding Heather, and she'll function as a quest hub inside of your Castra for those who have taken the time to capture her.
-Hunter769 is working on creating unique items for every character in the game gained through a quest series.  Because Terra and Donna won the poll (I'm calling it a tie) they'll be the first two to get quests for their unique gear.
-As Terra actually won the poll, she'll be getting a set of scenes in 4m3.
-Sarah will also be getting a unique item.  If we can get the scripts working right you'll be able to upgrade the unique items to keep them always relevant to the characters.  If not I can do it through events, but it would be far clunkier.
-Additional Brothel content.

I'm closing the 4m3 additional content poll as of now and creating the September development poll.  Is it time for you to go deeper into Rata and progress the main plot or would you all like to spend more time in Celee.  4m3 will wrap up most of the macro events going on in Celee, 4m4 would expand on the unique item idea to hopefully every Celeean-born slave.  I'd probably try to sneak in some additional Vanessa and maybe Jessica content as well if we stick around for longer.

As usual, to participate in the poll you must be a supporter of Harem at the $2+ level at least, but you're free to comment here if you wish!


  1. Well, My finances are such that I can't spare even the $2 a month to support you on Patreon but I can offer my two cents... (Though, if it's of any, value to you; you're on the top of my list for projects I will support when money gets less tight for me.)

    As long as it doesn't add to some measure of you getting burned-out, tired of doing this game, or create too much scope creep; I'm always for more minor releases. As I said earlier, ANY content that lets me get to know the girls more I'm for. Also, in this case, you pretty much said that if you don't do these ideas now (before you jump into the next big leg) there is a real possibility that you won't do do them latter. There is something very special about what you craft, the proof of that is in the (near rabid) loyalty of your followers from before your break. ;)

    I for one am content to ride this for as long as you are will to keep creating.

    1. Grr... my initial reply got ate by blogspot.

      While Patrons may decide what will happen, I do value everyone's opinions and want your feedback. The moral support and conversations are huge in keeping me working on the game and giving me new ideas.

      And I'm serious about that. While Patron provides the material support I need to work on Harem full time (barely, but that's improving!) the one thing I really wish I got more of was feedback. Particularly on the forums (hint hint!)

    2. I'm also in a financial strait jacket and would love to have the funds to become a Patreon (I think it deserves at least $10 a month) but I can only second Leethar's comments. The passion you have for developing Harem shines through with every release and your prompt response to any feedback.

      As a once-time software developer, working 12+ hour days continuously is not sustainable and -will- lead to burn out and mental fatigue if it hasn't started to already. I won't tell you what to do but please think carefully about how of much of your own time you're spending on Harem. An honest conversation with your supporters is always preferable to creating unrealistic expectations.

    3. "Particularly on the forums (hint hint!)"

      I started a thread on Kimochi's Forum a while back regarding your reboot but it has been a while. I can't get into any details yet, but there is a VERY high chance Kimochi will be making a come-back (and forum membership will just hugely). At which point, I will definitely find a fun way to bum that thread.

    4. Anon - I am pulling back a bit. I don't mind doing this 50-60 hours a week (when you cut out commute that isn't too different than my prior workload) but I do need to find a sense of balance.

      -Leethar - Keep me informed please. I loved the idea of Kimochi and was sad when it went down.

    5. Once we are given the clearance to go public with what's going on, I'll let you know. As it stands right now, it is possible that things could collapse but I see it as highly unlikely.

    6. When it happens I'll be glad to shout out it's rebirth both here and on twitter!

  2. I would support a 4m4 IF the content were as rich and compelling as the stuff you're adding in 4m3. However, I must admit that while unique items sound really cool, they're not as interesting to me as plot progression and character development. A couple scenes with Vanessa and Jessica would be welcome, but on the whole I think that it might be time to move on to Corsix.

    With 4m3 there will be plenty of content to chew on up to this point. I think that it would be good to regain some forward momentum. We'll be spending several months on Corsix and it's probably about time that we got started, otherwise you might get bogged down trying endlessly to expand the scope.

    1. It's very unlikely that I'll be polling for a 4m5 as that's the point where the content would dry out. 4m2 opens a lot of questions that wouldn't be answered for quite a while. Imo 4m3 will close the macro issues. 4m4 will be closing the micro ones, finishing your harems involvement in Celee before we get thrown into the cyclone of actual Ratan politics.

    2. So be it. It sounds like 4m4 has your confidence and so I'm down for the ride as well.

      One scene I would like to see would be between Phoebe and that old racist scholar in Lesser Corsix who took credit for her research. He mentioned at the dance that he'd like to talk price with you later and I thought that was deliberate foreshadowing; obviously you won't sell Phoebe to him but perhaps a rental...?

    3. "It sounds like 4m4 has your confidence and so I'm down for the ride as well."

      I really like how this is worded. (Of course, that means I agree with it too.)

    4. I like the idea of exploring Phoebe/Scholar more. Not sure if I 'll get time to do it but it'd be a solid story for sure!