Wednesday, July 6, 2016

v2c4m2 Patron release!

Just released v2c4m2 to my $5+ Patrons today!  Let me know what you think of it, I think it's very cool!  Definitely the largest and most complex minor release I've ever done.  Nearly 300 pages of new text and images with some of the most intricate coding that I've done to date. 

And just a reminder to everyone.  I'm one of the content creators testing the new pay at pledge option.  So if it sounds interesting, go to and you can choose to pledge and as soon as your payment goes through, look at my other posts today for the download links!

Content Additions
-There is yet another barrier blocking your path to Corsix and you must remove it. You'll have to find a way to strengthen Terra to get past the barrier!
-In doing so, you will capture another slave, one with a mysterious past that she has had taken from her. Unlocking it will grant her great power, but at great risk.
-A new questline from the Celeean Swords and a new slave to add to your harem.
-Fiona will have another quest for you, and her arrogance and greed could make her vulnerable to ones whose pockets are deep enough.
-The repairs on your brothel have finally been completed, letting you open it for business. Some slaves may require 'convincing' in order to serve there.
-Scenes for Phoebe/Noemi, Terra, Kathleen, Fiona and Cindy, plus a handful of brothel scenes.
-More than 270 images and 290 pages of text added
-19 new scenes added to main game. 5 brothel scenes in addition. 2 new NC scenes, one open to all!

Bug Fixes/Modifications
-Quite a few modifications to characters behind the scenes for future content. This does require a full character reset.
-Brothel sequence cannot be started until after you've captured Angelica
-Allowing for a 12 character name for the main character. This may cause text clip issues, go beyond 6 with caution.  You must use the main character rename option in system menu to enable this.
-Hearthstone will only show you places you've already visited
-Character Bios added
-Significantly more hints toward where quests are


  1. I have a question for what shown here to pertain to the public release. Does the full character reset mean that I'd have to start up a new game? I'm just wondering cause I've spent 11 hours in this game and wanted to know if I should of waited a few more days before playing to not have this playtime be wasted.

    1. I want to say 'never' to that, but I don't want to be quite that confident!

      A character reset is all background stuff. A message pops up on the screen, the character's stats and characteristics are changed to the new model and then she gets leveled back to her old level.

      From your perspective the only thing you'll have to do is re-equip the character as she gets stripped before the process.

    2. Thanks. I thought it meant that my save file wouldn't work anymore and I'd be forced to start all over again.