Saturday, July 23, 2016


It's my birthday!  Woot!  Going to have some fun tonight, but the day is for work.  Too much to do before 4m3 to take an entire day off.  But I do come bearing a pair of gifts!

First I've seen that Kimochi has been reborn through Nutaku.  I've always loved the Kimochi concept, trying to make a steam for adult games.  A one stop shop for x-rated games!  They weren't able to make a business model out of it but now they're working with Nutaku and I'm hoping that the project takes off!  I'd advise you to check it out!

Second, more teasers from 4m3!

The one negative piece of news today is that I didn't get the 10 forum user reviews to bump up the 4m2 public release date, so it will stay at the normal last Friday weekend (29th this time around).  I'll continue to try to think of ways to encourage forum participation with incentives!


  1. Happy Birthday Ker :-) Harem v2 is even better than v1 and as a long standing fan let me say: Thank You! :-)

  2. Really glad to see more Joan and Naitay. Hoping that we get them both at the same time. Their interactions have tons of potential.

    1. Yep, one of the two primary plotline/quest series involves getting them to work together. Both in the Westlands and in bed!

  3. Happy Birthday, Ker. I like the way, Harem V2 is going. Keep coding and drawing!

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