Wednesday, November 2, 2016

5m1 Final Patch notes

Content additions
-5 new slave quests to gain votes in Corsix!  Angelica, Naitay, Joan, Rhea and Alena now have their quests available!
-All quests will have a solution that doesn't involve your harem fucking other people.  But if you enjoy it, every quest does have a solution that involves your harem fucking other people!
-Additional night events, moving you into a more 'pleasant' abode then a stinking cell.
-Interactions with Betsy and Melony during the added quests as well as interactions with Teresa and Danielle for all completed ch5 slaves.
-One new slave available for capture.
-Two future slaves teased.
-282 pages of new text in the game.
-308 new images in the game.
-11 new scenes in game scenes added, 2 bonus non-canon scenes added.

Bug fixes/Adjustments
-Adjusted 300+ faces.  Zoomed in to give better detail to faces.  Panned down to give better detail of the breasts.  Because.
-Donnie's sprite replaced
-Numerous early game tweaks/text corrections.
-Fiona did not leave your harem during the entrance to Corsix event

We're in the final testing phase.  Hopefully I'll be able to release on the 5th, at which time the public version will get updated to 5m0!

And of course a teaser.  Last month I ran a Patron-only poll to decide which slave got to give you a conjugal visit.  Noemi barely edged out Sarah in the voting so she got the honor!  I'm running a similar poll this month as the events in Corsix are extended enough to allow for it.  And you might have more than one willing woman for company this time around!  It does require a $2+ pledge to support the development of Harem.

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