Monday, November 28, 2016

Harem c5m2 preliminary patch notes

We're nearly finished adding content to the next release and hopefully will start testing it in the next few days.  With the holidays on us, it will probably be a bit slower than usual.  I hope to release it before the 10th, but it might be closer to the 10th than usual.  As usual, when c5m2 comes out to my patrons, I will update the public version to c5m1. 

-6 new slave Quests to gain votes in Corsix.  Donna, Sarah, Cecilia, Phoebe, Cindy and Fenja now have their quests available.
-All quests will have a solution that doesn't involve your harem fucking other people.  But if you enjoy it, every quest does
have a solution that involves your harem fucking other people!
-4 additional night events.  Even under house arrest, 'Ralph' gets plenty of action!
-Nicole will be captured even if you declined on night 4
-Expanded Eleanor interactions to put a name to the face.
-~300 pages of new text in the game
-~350 new images in the game
-12 new in game scenes added, 2 bonus non-canon sceens added

Bug Fixes/Adjustments
-Adjusted Fenja and Sarah's tour stop.  Sarah stops at the Sharpsword Inn, Fenja next door (east)

And a teaser of course!