Saturday, November 12, 2016

Feedback request

t51bwinterized, one of the writers of Harem, would like to gather some feedback from the players.  We would always love more feedback on the game; what you like, don't like and what you'd like to see in future development.  If you are willing to take a few minutes to chat with him, his skype is t51bwinterized.  Send him an invitation and chat, he'll collect the feedback and forward it along to me.  He'd also love to hear from more casual fans, so even if you haven't been playing the game for years, we'd love to hear your opinions.

Thank you in advance!


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  2. As previously, some remarks :

    There is twice a mention when meeting with Noemi as Maid, about the same thing (sorry, not precise but given volume of text, I should keep a dedicated text file as to have the exact reference..).

    Then, same text streak, as the start of the blowjob :

    But what you do is "necessary".
    More necessity it is not ?
    Also, "an angel blessed you", You remember being blessed by an angel, or another not so affirmative formulation, given the PC is not necessarily religious (or at last there is yet no mention of that).

    In case you go again over that scene, I guess a "small" 'detailed'
    description of her attire would not be bad, at all.

    Later on that scene :
    Both of you moan.. "pushing her down onto cock. Her eyes lock onto"

    Difficult it is there, as next we have a "into", so no good the easy way.
    Rewording the "pushing her down" part would be better, as of now, no suggestion, guess.

    Same text, as to the PC hands her ass, "resting" instead of "finding" ? ;)

    Same text, why "encouraging", he could be quite more efficient with using his hands, it is not ?

    Guess it is not the time to explain how having excited the skin over/close to an erogenous zone has role over further actions.

    Same text, why "powerful strength", is she clamp over him, that's it.
    + her pussy "grips", should be "grip" ?

    As to reports to t51bwinterized (fallout direct inspiration, it is), it is more efficient trough him (proxy ?) or directly here ?
    (Where you can "all" see it, in case.)

    Next text :
    "Any word are impossible"
    Would be "no word are suitable" or around ? :p

    Also, be mindful over the lady's, she climax, and there, yes, it can be "powerfully" (..).

    Again, Cum+s ?
    Hm, might be a rule I overlap, since what would be plural is used quite often as seen later on (when tacking care, quite interesting how much we see/take in account).

    Still as to women care, why not "kiss her" after she's set for the night ?
    "one of your women", and s should be added there, of not, not sure.
    Why ?

    Angelica (forced ! Duh, why so little double efficient occasion (the whorehouse boss + client was one, if done correctly at last, more of these would be just magnificent (guess it would put require a look over the number of vote as to the trial, in any case).

    Eldrin do not know about her episode with the beasts, interesting.

    If Eldring is not pissed (bitterly as it seem in that scene) :
    "But he proved himself" > "proving himself" instead ?

    "What could i do to convince" ???
    If she has an education + some background (experience), she should know that open options are as bad as it can be, at least as to most peoples.

    As to her experience, quite nice to have plenty of confirmation that Edrin does know about her latest involvements.

    1. 1. You see her as a maid and then she comments on being forced to dress as a maid. Similar, but different enough.
      2. 'You do what you do out of necessity' sounds far more awkward than 'what you do is necessary'
      3. A difficulty in writing. Angels, demons and spirits in general are real. Everyone knows it. And there's no reason to discuss it and thus clue the player into the belief structure.
      4. Your hands aren't resting on her ass. Your pulling her hips down onto yours, pushing your cock into her.
      5. So Ralph doesn't want to fuck her, he wants her to fuck him in that scene. So more direct encouragement goes against the idea.
      6. No, 'her pussy grip your cock' is wrong. I can't quote the relevant grammatical rule, but grips has to be plural there.
      7. 'No words are suitable' implies that you can speak but can't figure out the words. 'Any words are impossible' implies that both of you are experiencing so much pleasure that you physically can't speak.
      8. 'shrieks as she cum' is wrong.
      9. You didn't kiss her because she was unconscious after the cumming ;)
      10. More of a gameplay thing. 'One quest, one vote' gives the player a predictable experience.
      11. No, Edrin was trapped behind the quarantine when Angelica was captured by the orcs.
      12. 'He proved himself' is appropriate there as it refers to the trick you pulled at the end of the tournament in Lesser Corsix.
      13. She's specifically asking Edrin what she would have to do for him to get his vote in the trial. She knows it's going to be bad, but not exactly what he will ask for.

    2. Feel free to reply here or at my skype. Part of the reason I wanted to use skype, however, was to interview players about specific questions. If you're down to talk here instead, that's fine.

      I actually can answer the question about Angelica's poor negotiation tactics. Angelica hasn't really ever had to barter for anything or do any business deals in her life. I imagine of the slaves, it would be Samantha, Noemi, Fiona, and Joan who have any skill at all in negotiation.

  3. During the next day, the PC visited by the Priest + girl, on the dark choice :
    "at your", would be "as your".
    "Her squeal of pleasure only encouraging you further"
    > "her squeal of pleasure encouraging you further".

    "begin to boil" > "beginning to boil".

    Also, what is Joan doing there ?
    She is the overseer for the PC onto another part of map, and would not have been brought with while crossing, or at last that would be a very bad move given the current status there (Cheli <> Colons, add in new administration, it is clearly not the time to remove the one character who can control the colon side, thus making a smooth evolution possible.

    Vanessa opening text :

    "She glances behind her .." "and the close", the = then.
    Knowing it would be better to go without the "and" : "then locking the door behind her" type.

    Shame Tera not having (yet, hopefully) a quest there, as she could get in touch with the girl in the "park", who is in fact linked to the "good" church, which would somewhat change the plot, it is not ? ;) Still, that could be a nice (magic enabled) scenes, something so far both lacking/never done (Colors + design in the day ending, it could even be made as to be some promotion for the PC, just in case (hehe).

    Rhea quest, nices touch, wont list them, but especialy liked the one with in the temple.

    On the text when near the dojo :
    "training the newest women to", to = who.

    In the discussion with her sempai :
    "'And me makes" > and make me

    In the warehouse, the avatar for Rhea has a dark "line" over the upper part of her head, guess it is not wanted there ?

    "as the final one" > as the last one.

    Not sure how/if there will be something about a tenta streak over Isabella as it would make for quite another dent into the previous setup ? Still, it could be pretty darn good, if handled correctly (there to, I guess I would make Tera send some magic show for Isabella to "enjoy", while she's being beat in rhythm ?..

    'I feel closer with you" > I feel closer of you (..).

    About the svn, depend where it is hosted, but in most case, it is possible to keep updated as to every change trough a software called Tortoise svn, something interesting as it allow for an even more quick (not to forget that this way, it is possible to know what has been made in detail, thus allowing for more quick+efficient reports/check to be made).

    1. 1. Fixed
      2. Gameplay over narrative for Joan. Chapter 5 turns the spotlight onto your slaves and if Joan is left in the Westlands she doesn't get that. So she's brought along.
      3. Fixed
      4. Terra's quest is coming in 5m4, should be available in January.
      5. Fixed
      6. Should be 'And he makes me'. Fixed
      7. I think you're talking about Ulya's face there. That dark line is the dagger she's carrying.
      8. Fixed
      9. Not sure what you mean with the Tenta/Isabella/Terra.
      10. Fixed
      11. We do use TortiseSVN to work together as a team.

      Thanks for all the reports!

    2. Indeed, quite an handy tool, as to the reports, the project is not (yet ?) crowd oriented, still, if there is room for improvement, why not ?

      As to 9, Isabella being a bitch, add in the discussion taking place in the dojo about what + how happened to Rhea.
      Link for Terra there ?
      As she is wanted by the same women, it would be a neat (and yet un-precedent) to have her support the Tenta action/justice serving. Could be for quite a special quest using this as setup.
      The player could be the mouse, bringing Isabella toward the Tenta girls (trap).

      Options, occasions, etc, to be seen.

  4. Very beautifully written and laid out! I really enjoyed the demo, and had a blast of a time trying to collect all the H-CG. The only thing I'd have to say, or rather would like to see... would be more bondage (Gotta punish your slaves more right ;) )? I don't know lol. But yeah, I really loved the game, and I look forward to seeing more updates soon! :D.

    1. Thank you! I've always looked for a more reason to add more bondage, but justifying it has been a consistent difficulty. After your power has subdued the slave they tend to be very obedient and thus not deserving more punishment!

    2. Could always add more for Sarah, she adores it so XD. I can imagine her being a huge masochist that would even push for such things, even if its not for punishment.

  5. Hello Ker!
    i have been following this game since before the hiatus. i really like the game and like how creative the story is. so first i want to thank you for making the game. for me the game was good very good. there wasnt really much adult game can be compared toward Harem, but there's couple of issue that have been bugging me.
    1. main character sprite in 3D CG, i know Ralph is been like that since beginning but can you change it? its feel a bit weird to me. he is to skinny and the penis sometimes can be weird :p
    2.the battle is actually can be improved. one of the good example is the Thug hero party. eventhough it has many bugs but to see the expression of the character really make me comfortable
    3. Isn't better to use some illustration for character face in menu? because it look strange to have some character in 3d and some of them CG illust
    4.the Title Menu obviously can be improved
    5.lastly... i know this is hard but RPG maker MV is out and most the graphic were better there. I just HOPE one day you would use it :P

    Thank you for hearing all my feedback or even u may called it rambling #sorry

    btw good work for giving the option for not having anyone raping the harem, i think i'm gonna play it again soon. thank you so much

    1. First, thanks for the feedback!

      1. I have 0 ability to create 3d mods and Riven, my modder, tells me that male mods are particularly hard to work with. Out of all the male mods I've found, I like the one in use the best.
      2. I'll take a look at that, but combat's secondary in Harem and I don't want to devote too much time (my primary resource) to it.
      3. Using a combination of 2d and 3d faces give your slaves a bit more definition than the background characters. I like the transition myself.
      4. Yes, the title screen absolutely needs to be redone!
      5. When I restarted Harem MV had just come out. While I own MV there's enough differences between the VX base and MV so I couldn't just start working. Plus there was almost no resources for me to use for MV. So ACE it is! Possibly when things are done I'll look at making an MV version (or a new game in it) but that's way in the future!

    2. thank you for your reply

      1. have you heard 3d custom girl evolution? it doesnt really have much mod but maybe u should try it?
      2.thanks! good combat will make the game less grinding and more bearable in my opinion.. and maybe just maybe u could put some secret combat event just to spice things up like rare item or some event.
      3. noted and understandable :)
      4. hahaha truly! if i had time maybe i give u a sketch or two as an idea for title screen
      5. that's too bad but no worries. i can still bear with it. because good game isnt just from the graphics right?

      btw i wish u good luck mate! i hopeu can continue this untill all the way to the end :D

      PS sorry for late reply

    3. or custom maid 3D 2!!

    4. I actually have Evolution on my computer, but it would take a very long time even to recreate the models. And I wouldn't want to switch art styles 50% of the way through the game.

      And I plan to!

  6. Hello Sir. I tried to contact t51bwinterized through skype but was unable. I'm only a casual recent player. Should i try again? Dont wanna bother nobody...

    1. It's still fairly early on a Saturday morning for him. The invite will remain open for him on skype until he has a chance to take a look at it and contact you.

  7. Thank you. I'm probably in a different time zone, i did sent it Thursday thou, but thought i might had screwed up or something. I'll wait, and remain available no problem.Just making sure.Thank you again.

    1. Ah. I'll send him a message to see what's up. But again, early on a Saturday so I don't expect any immediate response :)

  8. I have obtained Angelica, but she isn't at the hideout. Is she somewhere else or is this a glitch?

    P.S. Great Game.