Wednesday, November 9, 2016

5m2 Teasers!

We're making very solid progress on 5m2 already, with nearly 100 pages of text and 80 images created only 4 days into the development cycle.  Nicole and Jessica's night scenes are completed, Cecilia's quest is completed.  Phoebe and Fenja both plotted and started.  Hiro is working on Donna, t51 on Fiona/Sarah.

The goal is to complete all the remaining content for chapter 5 except for the last day (Terra and the divines).  That means Donna, Cecilia, Phoebe, Cindy and Fenja's content with Sarah being the bubble dev this month. 

That would leave Terra, that night, the trial and the transition out of Corsix for 5m3.  There's new scene planned in the transition.  With any luck we'll start to scratch the beginning of chapter 6 content as well.

And of course, teasers!

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