Friday, December 30, 2016

5m3 entering testing!

We still have a bit of content left to add, but all the coding elements are done so the beta for 5m3 has started! No eta on release yet. And some teasers from the upcoming content!

-Final two slave quests complete, Fiona and Terra. Both are quite lengthy.
-One more visitor at night before the trial!
-Trial sequence finished, find out if your slaves were able to get you freed!
-Jessica is finally added to the Harem. After some paperwork is taken care of...
-Additional scenes for Donna from the Patreon Poll!
-10 or 11 new scenes added in base game
-5 new bonus scenes, 2 available to all, 3 only for $25+ Patrons
-~350 images added to game
-~300 pages of next text to finish up the primary plot of chapter 5!

Bug Fixes/Adjustments
-Fixed an issue where a dead Ralph entering a brothel = game over
-Fixed an issue with the beach quest and collecting 6+ wine casks.
-Terra has no quest guidance in Corsix
-Alice's face and sprite updated. No additional interactions added.
-If you cross into Corsix with Rhea/Alena and your dark/light, they will be removed from your harem. You will have the chance
to recapture them later.
-Moved Cecilia's commissioned series into it's own entry in Replay Scenes

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