Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Harem c5m2 released! Public version upgraded to c5m1.

I just released Harem c5m2 to my $5+ Patrons, bringing us just up to the end of chapter 5.  6 more slaves get their quests and 4 more events happen while you're under house arrest.  'Ralph' sure gets plenty of action even when he can't leave the house!  If you wish to play the newest content immediately, any pledge $5 or more will get you instant access to it!

Ker's Patreon 
c5m2 content additions:
-6 new slave Quests to gain votes in Corsix.  Donna, Sarah, Cecilia, Phoebe, Cindy and Fenja now have their quests available.
-All quests will have a solution that doesn't involve your harem fucking other people.  But if you enjoy it, every quest does have a solution that involves your harem fucking other people!
-4 additional night events.  Even under house arrest, 'Ralph' gets plenty of action!
-Nicole will be captured even if you declined on night 4
-Expanded Eleanor interactions to put a name to the face.
-~300 pages of new text in the game
-316 new images in the game
-13 new in game scenes added, 2 bonus non-canon scenes added

Bug Fixes/Adjustments
-Adjusted Fenja and Sarah's tour stop.  Sarah stops at the Sharpsword Inn, Fenja next door (east)
-Various map size fixes
-In Replay Scenes, pressing PgDn will end the current scene

With the new version Harem available to my patrons, the public version also gets incremented to the version that they were playing.  The questing gets serious as your slaves manipulate the high and mighty of Corsix to get you free.  And you get moved into something more fitting than a jail cell. 
 Harem c5m1 Content additions
-5 new slave quests to gain votes in Corsix!  Angelica, Naitay, Joan, Rhea and Alena now have their quests available!
-All quests will have a solution that doesn't involve your harem fucking other people.  But if you enjoy it, every quest does have a solution that involves your  harem fucking other people!
-Additional night events, moving you into a more 'pleasant‘ abode then a stinking cell.
-One new slave available for capture!
-Two future slaves teased!
-279 pages of new text in the game!
-308 new images in the game!
-11 new scenes in game scenes added, 2 bonus non-canon scenes added!
Bug fixes/Adjustments
-Adjusted 300+ faces. Zoomed in to give better detail to faces.  Panned down to give better detail of the breasts.  Because.
-Donnie's sprite replaced
-Numerous early game tweaks/text corrections.
-Fiona did not leave your harem during the entrance to Corsix event
-Cycle text if you choose Terra or Dianna in Corsix.  Fenja if you didn't save her brother in Celee.
-Hopefully resolved all issues with Terra's unique and Chapter 4 flame progression.


  1. Typo in harem c5m1 when the hero is reading the history in the house for the second time, it speaks of 'collations' of Elan and Corsix. It should be coalitions. collate is putting things together, eg collating a binder. Coalition is a group of disparate things working together.

  2. Noticed a problem. He ranks all the girls but Cecilia as an S, ranking her a C. Yet he later says they're all S rank. Is something wrong with that? Why is she not an S? Is there not a way to make her an S? *confused*

  3. A little bug that I have encountered, but probably already fixed. The second mission with Gregory, when you need to go to lady Fiona. I did the mission, but when I got to her and gave her the Emerald Shells, I didnt get the 3000 gold, she is supposed to give. (version c5m1)