Thursday, June 1, 2017

Harem c6m3 preliminary patch notes

The testing of Harem c6m3 is going well, and I’ve added 99% of the in-game content to it. Hopefully we’ll be able to release a few days before the 10th, so progress is going better than expected! With that, I can put out the preliminary patch notes to let you know what’s coming.
Content additions
-Cecilia and Ariel have taken Samantha from you, and you sent Noemi after them. The entire time you were trying to recover Terra you have heard nothing from Noemi. Now a scrap of a clue gets to you, and it's time to track them all down!
-Vanessa risked her life to save your life in Senetra. You captured her assailant in c6m2, now it's time to save her from their cruel plan, and reward her for her bravery... by adding her to your harem!
-Angelica's disobedience when you were fighting Betsy or Melony must be punished! And it may take a few attempts to make it stick.
-Two new slaves added to your harem, and two future slaves introduced!
-Additional quests for both Rachel and the Eldari to move those further along.
-After you find Noemi, it's time to teach her an important lesson. And her motivation is a night with you!
-370 pages of new content added, est 30 more to go!
-350 new images, est 35 left to create!
-14 new scenes add to game, 2 non-canons to be created (Cecilia's NC is getting a double-long, but in 6m4. No content in 6m3 for that series)
Bug Fix
-Fixed an issue where you could get stuck in the Meeting Grove

If you aren’t a patron yet, this is the best time to support the development of Harem. Not only will you get to play c6m3 when it’s released, but you also get instant access to the c6m2 release with a $5 or greater pledge!
And a few teasers of the new content coming in c6m3!

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