Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Harem c6m3 released to Patrons! Public version upgraded to c6m2.4

Harem c6m3 is ready for release to our patrons!  This is a huge release, most releases shoot for 300 pages of content & 300 images, 6m3 breaks 400 on both!  Which is fitting, as May was also my largest growth on Patreon ever!  A huge thank you to each and every person who pledged their support to Harem.  I hope that c6m3 is a fitting reward for your generous support!

Harem c6m3 starts with Terra back in your Harem.  She was the most in danger (either actually in danger, or in danger of getting free) of all your missing slaves, but now that she’s back you can start looking for your other women.  Samantha was taken as well, and Noemi followed her into Denai.  You haven’t seen either woman since you left Corsix.  Cecilia and Ariel have taken Samantha, and you know just the punishment for that.  Being made a slave for your harem!  And let’s not forget Vanessa, so brave and beautiful, missing since the attack in Senetra.

Content additions
-Cecilia and Ariel have taken Samantha from you, and you sent Noemi after them.  The entire time you were trying to recover Terra you have heard nothing from Noemi. 
 Now a scrap of a clue gets to you, and it's time to track them all down!
-Vanessa risked her life to save your life in Senetra.  You captured her assailant in c6m2, now it's time to save her from their cruel plan, and reward her for her
 bravery... by adding her to your harem!
-Angelica's disobedience when you were fighting Betsy or Melony must be punished!  And it may take a few attempts to make it stick.
-Two new slaves added to your harem, and two future slaves introduced!
-Additional quests for both Rachel and the Eldari to move those further along.
-After you find Noemi, it's time to teach her an important lesson.  And her motivation is your cock!
-407 pages of new content added
-402 new images
-14 new scenes add to game, 2 non-canon to be created (Cecilia's NC is getting a double-long, but in 6m4.  No content in 6m3 in that series)

Bug Fix
-Fixed an issue where you could get stuck in the Meeting Grove

And with the new release being sent out to my patrons, the release they had been playing becomes the public version.  Harem c6m2 is the quest to put Terra back into your harem.  Along the way, you’ll learn a great deal about what’s actually going on in this land.  From the mysterious Tenta to the goal of the Namuhists, 6m2 is a huge plot release.  And of course, you fuck just about every woman you’ve met in Denai to get it done! 

I’m also trying to improve the content, or at least let you all select your own challenge.  In the systems menu, you’ll find a slider called difficulty.  Increase it and the enemies level increases, giving you a truer RPG experience if you wish.  Decrease it if you’re just in for the erotica!  No penalty for lower difficulty, this is all just ‘play as you want’ design.

Content additions
-The quest to recover Terra is completed, ending with a dramatic invasion of your enemies’ stronghold. Path includes 3 scenes (Betsy, Melony, and Danielle/Teresa) before finally getting Terra back into your harem.
-2x scenes per route to ‘help’ Terra back into her place.
-A scene set rewarding Jessica for her help in the Temple Mons. Will either involve you and Donnie/Tomas or Kathleen, depending on if you kept the
 other man in your party.
-Additional sequence to move Rachel into your base. With a fairly unique scene at the end.
-A sidequest to introduce the player to the mysterious Eldari species and another to clean up the mess from the invasion and make Denai safe (for you).
-A scene with Donna and Terra, having some 'fun' while 'helping' Terra find her place in your harem again
-289 pages of new content
-311 images added
-18 new scenes added to the game and 2 bonus scenes
-Added in a difficultly slider under System to add/subtract levels from your enemies.  Very much in beta state!

Bug Fixes
-Unbroke Kathleen's possession during combat in Denai
-Added a bit of Teresa text pre and post Tentas to show her becoming more extreme


  1. Folks, where did Joan go? She was with me in Corsix, but after the train I cant find her anywhere. This is supposed to be this way or I've missed her quest somewhere in Corsix?

    1. She was left behind in Corsix to run some of your business interests.

  2. the installation doesnt open up, previous versions never had this problem, why is that? When i try to run it just says: this app doesnt work on your pc

    1. Probably just a corrupt download. Try it again, if it doesn't work email me at

  3. In the last version I let Kathleen get posessed and that took me back to my castle which prevented me from moving on cause it was after the tram ride and of course at this point we have no hearth stone(really miss that thing) is that fixed?
    Also is it just me or did the battles get harder all of a sudden? Used to be I had no trouble with any battle except boss battles and then not too much trouble there but now even at max level enemies scale with you and defeating them becomes a real chore and sometimes borders on the impossible(like the angels and demons on the mountain after meeting the tenta) Any chance you could nerf this a bit? Make it so that I can still do more than a few hundred damage at a time while taking less than 1000 HP damage from an AVERAGE attack? I mean come on ordinary monsters aren't supposed to kill you in less than 4 attacks.

    1. Shit, I forgot to add in max levels to the Denai enemies. But you could try setting your level to 5 or so which would make the content very easy considering the leveler.

      I'll readd the max levels for the next version.

  4. Im on Linux, I restarted the game from scratch when the installation was done, alright, no worry.

    Now, with c6m4.2 the game crash with :
    "Unhandled exception: page fault on read access to 0x00000149 in 32-bit code (0x703016e3).
    Register dump:
    CS:0023 SS:002b DS:002b ES:002b FS:0063 GS:006b
    EIP:703016e3 ESP:00827fd0 EBP:00828078 EFLAGS:00010202( R- -- I - - - )
    EAX:79cb8370 EBX:703b9000 ECX:00000000 EDX:00000001
    ESI:00000149 EDI:45455246
    Stack dump:
    0x00827fd0: 7bcf80e8 7bcf8151 00000000 00828090
    0x00827fe0: 00000000 0000004d 79d9f1c8 79d9f19c
    0x00827ff0: 00000000 00828014 7d48c800 70d518d0
    0x00828000: 0000001c 7d48c9f8 702e6a09 703b9000
    0x00828010: 79d9f190 79cb0448 00828078 702e621f
    0x00828020: 79d9f190 00000001 703016c9 79581000
    000c: sel=0067 base=00000000 limit=00000000 32-bit r--
    =>0 0x703016e3 gst_pad_unlink+0x23() in (0x00828078)
    1 0x7955a70b in winegstreamer (+0xa70a) (0x00828078)
    2 0x7955b073 in winegstreamer (+0xb072) (0x00828118)
    3 0x71104281 in quartz (+0x14280) (0x00828168)
    4 0x71176924 BaseOutputPinImpl_Connect+0x153() in quartz (0x008281e8)
    5 0x711167a8 in quartz (+0x267a7) (0x008283d8)
    6 0x7110fb3d in quartz (+0x1fb3c) (0x00828458)
    7 0x1011a48b in rgss301 (+0x11a48a) (0x008287f0)
    8 0x1010a6bc in rgss301 (+0x10a6bb) (0x00828824)
    9 0x10004bab in rgss301 (+0x4baa) (0x0082908c)
    10 0x10027cc9 in rgss301 (+0x27cc8) (0x00b881f0)
    0x703016e3 gst_pad_unlink+0x23 in movl 0x0(%esi),%edx"

    Not sure If something can be read from this, still.

    The OS is OpenSuse, the game run with Wine, latest version.

    1. I use linux myself, Manjaro Linux. Wine version is 2.9-1

      What version of wine do you have? It may be different than mine, and could be the issue... you could also try to reinstall the rtp?

    2. Try either reinstalling Wine, the RTP; or you can redownload the game and see whatever will fix the issue.

    3. Have you tried using mkxp instead of Wine?

      I remember using it a while ago in Linux with some success.

    4. Looks very interesting, notthemessiah, would you know if the repositories carry this, or would it be better to get this from GitHub? Thanks! (Linux Manjaro Anon user here)

    5. Sorry, I have no knowledge about Manjaro repositories.
      However, I think I used the pre-built binaries they link to in the README on GitHub. But those are getting more and more out of date...

  5. I don't know anything about Linux, sorry.

  6. This game is fun, but I can't help but feel that once you leave Corsix the enemies suddenly seem to have had their evasion jacked up quite a bit. I don't think I had the protagonist missing so much prior to this, it was a bit irritating at times.

  7. I'm probably stupid, but I cannot locate the cave east of the Nahumist convent in the c6m2.4 build.

  8. I cannot locate the cave necessary to assault the Nahumist convent. I have already completed the quest to ambush the blonde mercenary woman, band not need to attack the convent through the cave to advance the plot, but cannot locate it. Help would be appreciated.

  9. Another great release just finished 6m2 and had a question. Is Mary ever going to be obtainable in mountain glory or is she just on Corsixa?

  10. Ok dont know if this are bugs, but this is what happened to me. Since I lost all progress in the game (previous versions), bc my hard drive give up on life, I decided to go through it again (pls kill me). Anyway I transfered the save file from the previous public version to this one. When you go through the quest you were given by Melony (light path), and dont talk to Teresa, after obtaining the letter from Betsy, and you instead go fight her, I got an error and the rpg shut down. After talking to Teresa before fighting her, it went without problems. The next one is with Kathleen. It said that there was a bug with her in Denai, where she suddenly started to get possesed. Well on the previous version I didnt have any problems, but now after transfering save file and playing on this one, she suddenly gets her possesed out of no reason. Perhaps a bug dont know. Anyway, I dont want to sound like a total hypocrit, but could someone direct me to where to get a save file for the game on the dark path, after you get or leave Corsix, cause I am really not in the mood to go through the whole game again :/ (went through dark side before, but lost everything).

  11. I think I found a sequence breaking bug:
    I'm playing c6m2.4, Dark path. After destroying the Grove and returning to the monastery, you're supposed to talk to Danielle but it is possible to leave the room, go to the dungeon and start an event with Terra before you hear Danielle's explanation.
    To reproduce this bug simply attempt to leave the room via the top tile of the corridors on the left or right side of the room. The bottom tiles on either corridor seem to prevent you from leaving the room correctly.

    Other thing, after you defeat Teresa, she escapes using the hearthstone and the conversation suggests it was Isabella's fault. I have no idea what they're talking about so I'm afraid I might have bugged out of a cut-scene. When was this supposed to have happened? Maybe it was way back in chapter 5? That would explain my foggy memory :)

    As a few others have reported, Kathleen keeps getting possessed in my game too.

    One final question: are the scenes on the paths with and without Donnie/Tomas mutually exclusive? I mean, I never liked the idea of sharing Jessica, but I kinda of like even less having to keep 4 different playthroughs (Light w/ Donnie, Light w/o Donnie, Dark w/ Tomas and Dark w/o Tomas) just to collect all the scenes.

  12. Just wanted to ask, but is it possible to update the walkthrough soon? It is great and in-depth but the first few chapters of it seem to be a bit out of date.