Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Poll update, interview, and being alive!

The c6m4 poll is looking very close.  Normally I move the top 3 women from the primary to the final, but Noemi and Samantha ended the primary being tied at 25 votes.  So, they both move on, along with Terra and Donna.  This will decide who gets a reward scene in c6m4, a chance for your women to get a special night with you to act out their own desires.  The next round of voting is a speed round, it’s going to run from today to the end of day on the 25th!

Requires a $2+ pledge

In other news, I spent a few hours last night getting interviewed by Sigea from Lewdgamer.  It’ll be a few days (at least) before the interview gets posted on their site, but it was a very fun experience.  I haven’t have a formal interview for many years, even counting job interviews.  More than a decade at least.

Finally, I’m alive!  Not feeling 100%, but much better than I have for the last week or two.  Was able to write about 20 pages of Cecilia’s submission in addition to the interview!  Looking like it’s going to be an interesting sequence, with 3 different ways of making her join your harem. 

I’m guessing c6m4 will be a few days later in July than normal, but despite my weeks of illness, it will definitely come out in July!


  1. Just downloaded version c6m2.4 and I had to tinker a bit to get it to run for me.

    After installing the VX ACE RTP (that failed the first time) I was still missing a dependency. I remember having the same problem with Overwhored.

    In my Game.ini file I found this line "Library=System\RGSS301.dll" after getting an error stating RGSS301.dll was missing I copied it from my Overwhored folder and the game started. I had this same problem Trying to run Overwhored the first time too and had to find RGSS301.dll externally on the internet that time.
    Everything seems fine now but I thought I should include this as these dependencies seem to be missing from the release. (at least for me)

  2. Task 2 How do we map noun phrases to give yah suh-made forest, the forest that we should not do near Golden Harvest how ? North forest harvest ?

    Suhu 2 görev nasıl yapacağız tamlamalar yah harta ver yapımı orman nasıl yapmalıyzı çıkmıyor bu görvdeni Harvest the Near Forest ? Harvest the North Forest ?

  3. Would it be better to get Fiona in Eowen or wait until Corsix?

    1. Getting her earlier nets you access to her improved accesories early, but the Rata sidequest seems far more interesting and fitting than just dining and wining your way into capturing her desperate ass.

    2. If you want her maid as part of your harem then you need to wait until corsix. Hopefully in the future you'll be able to get her in Eowen as well.

  4. Hello,

    Another text report :
    After Betsy is gone back to the castle with false data, back at the groove :
    "Eleanor steps up from the other side ...
    I will tell you everything that you see"
    you > I .. Then, tell > report ;)

  5. the new version of perfect buh when will arrive the new great game

    yeni versiyon ne zaman gelecek mükemmel harika buh oyun yeni

  6. Kathleen's frozen collar is locked in the head slot and stays in the slot even after you complete her memory quests.