Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Poll update, interview, and being alive!

The c6m4 poll is looking very close.  Normally I move the top 3 women from the primary to the final, but Noemi and Samantha ended the primary being tied at 25 votes.  So, they both move on, along with Terra and Donna.  This will decide who gets a reward scene in c6m4, a chance for your women to get a special night with you to act out their own desires.  The next round of voting is a speed round, it’s going to run from today to the end of day on the 25th!

Requires a $2+ pledge

In other news, I spent a few hours last night getting interviewed by Sigea from Lewdgamer.  It’ll be a few days (at least) before the interview gets posted on their site, but it was a very fun experience.  I haven’t have a formal interview for many years, even counting job interviews.  More than a decade at least.

Finally, I’m alive!  Not feeling 100%, but much better than I have for the last week or two.  Was able to write about 20 pages of Cecilia’s submission in addition to the interview!  Looking like it’s going to be an interesting sequence, with 3 different ways of making her join your harem. 

I’m guessing c6m4 will be a few days later in July than normal, but despite my weeks of illness, it will definitely come out in July!

Monday, June 19, 2017


Sorry for my relative silence for the last week or so.  I think a combination of the goofy weather here and too many long days working on c6m3 wore me out.  Picked up a nasty sinus infection that kept me out of the loop for a while, and prevented me from doing much but laying in bed and hurting whenever I tried to think much.

Feeling a touch better now, good enough to start writing as well, but lost nearly a week’s worth of dev time, which is about a third of the time I have for writing each month.  There we definitely be a 6m4, but it will be a smaller release as a result of the lost time.  t51b and Hiro should have a good amount of content for me to code and image, but my own contributions will be less as a result. 

What my own goals are for 6m4:
Get Samantha back on her feet (done)
Make Cecilia your slave, truly this time.  Might be a quest in it
Get a pair of scenes done for Rachel, possibly a dual set so I can use her next questline.
Do the Patreon poll scenes (currently Terra’s leading)
Do the Commissioned scenes
Add t51b’s and Hiro’s writing into the game.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Harem c6m3 released to Patrons! Public version upgraded to c6m2.4

Harem c6m3 is ready for release to our patrons!  This is a huge release, most releases shoot for 300 pages of content & 300 images, 6m3 breaks 400 on both!  Which is fitting, as May was also my largest growth on Patreon ever!  A huge thank you to each and every person who pledged their support to Harem.  I hope that c6m3 is a fitting reward for your generous support!

Harem c6m3 starts with Terra back in your Harem.  She was the most in danger (either actually in danger, or in danger of getting free) of all your missing slaves, but now that she’s back you can start looking for your other women.  Samantha was taken as well, and Noemi followed her into Denai.  You haven’t seen either woman since you left Corsix.  Cecilia and Ariel have taken Samantha, and you know just the punishment for that.  Being made a slave for your harem!  And let’s not forget Vanessa, so brave and beautiful, missing since the attack in Senetra.

Content additions
-Cecilia and Ariel have taken Samantha from you, and you sent Noemi after them.  The entire time you were trying to recover Terra you have heard nothing from Noemi. 
 Now a scrap of a clue gets to you, and it's time to track them all down!
-Vanessa risked her life to save your life in Senetra.  You captured her assailant in c6m2, now it's time to save her from their cruel plan, and reward her for her
 bravery... by adding her to your harem!
-Angelica's disobedience when you were fighting Betsy or Melony must be punished!  And it may take a few attempts to make it stick.
-Two new slaves added to your harem, and two future slaves introduced!
-Additional quests for both Rachel and the Eldari to move those further along.
-After you find Noemi, it's time to teach her an important lesson.  And her motivation is your cock!
-407 pages of new content added
-402 new images
-14 new scenes add to game, 2 non-canon to be created (Cecilia's NC is getting a double-long, but in 6m4.  No content in 6m3 in that series)

Bug Fix
-Fixed an issue where you could get stuck in the Meeting Grove

And with the new release being sent out to my patrons, the release they had been playing becomes the public version.  Harem c6m2 is the quest to put Terra back into your harem.  Along the way, you’ll learn a great deal about what’s actually going on in this land.  From the mysterious Tenta to the goal of the Namuhists, 6m2 is a huge plot release.  And of course, you fuck just about every woman you’ve met in Denai to get it done! 

I’m also trying to improve the content, or at least let you all select your own challenge.  In the systems menu, you’ll find a slider called difficulty.  Increase it and the enemies level increases, giving you a truer RPG experience if you wish.  Decrease it if you’re just in for the erotica!  No penalty for lower difficulty, this is all just ‘play as you want’ design.

Content additions
-The quest to recover Terra is completed, ending with a dramatic invasion of your enemies’ stronghold. Path includes 3 scenes (Betsy, Melony, and Danielle/Teresa) before finally getting Terra back into your harem.
-2x scenes per route to ‘help’ Terra back into her place.
-A scene set rewarding Jessica for her help in the Temple Mons. Will either involve you and Donnie/Tomas or Kathleen, depending on if you kept the
 other man in your party.
-Additional sequence to move Rachel into your base. With a fairly unique scene at the end.
-A sidequest to introduce the player to the mysterious Eldari species and another to clean up the mess from the invasion and make Denai safe (for you).
-A scene with Donna and Terra, having some 'fun' while 'helping' Terra find her place in your harem again
-289 pages of new content
-311 images added
-18 new scenes added to the game and 2 bonus scenes
-Added in a difficultly slider under System to add/subtract levels from your enemies.  Very much in beta state!

Bug Fixes
-Unbroke Kathleen's possession during combat in Denai
-Added a bit of Teresa text pre and post Tentas to show her becoming more extreme