Thursday, June 28, 2018

And we’re back!

What an interesting few weeks.  Had to deal with a family emergency coming off of the 7m6 launch which soaked up the first week and then had the worst writer’s block I’ve ever had before.  Simply staring at Word unable to get anything going, and almost immediately junking everything a few paragraphs in.  And then just when the block starts to break, Patreon suspends my account.

But we’re back now!  Patreon updated its rules for mature content to be even more restrictive on what content is appropriate for public facing posts.  I actually agree with most of them as I simply don’t want minors playing Harem.  It is clearly an adult game and should only be played for adults.  When they came out with the new rules I had gone through my prior posts from 2018 and made sure that they were sanitized but didn’t bother with the 2017 and prior posts.  My bad, and when I got reviewed the account was locked until I fixed those.  A bit annoying, but mostly a result of me doing a half-@#$ed job on my first pass.  They’ve re-reviewed my page and it now meets their standards.

So where does that leave immediate development?  7m6 is fairly stable and I’ll try to clean up any of the small bugs for the 7m7 release.  The delays will push the 7m7 release into the middle of July instead of the beginning, but there isn’t going to be enough time to get enough done for an earlier release.  I’ll be coming be making more posts talking about what’s coming in 7m7, but for now, I just wanted to know that I’m back on Patreon’s good side!

Friday, June 8, 2018

Harem c7m6 out to patrons, c7m5 to public!

And Harem c7m6 is ready for your enjoyment!  You’ve learned that Chinua’s far more than just the protector of her tribe’s herd and if you teach her more about her abilities, you’ll ‘learn’ far more about her as well.  I heard all the requests for Orichalcum armor in Rachel’s shop, so that will now be an option in her shop.  After you both upgrade her and her shop of course.  Altan had you attend Mercalius’s party in the last release.  While you were mostly interested in the beautiful women there, everyone else seems far more concerned with the dead body found the next morning.  Maybe if you investigate the latter you’ll get a chance at the former!  And using Terra’s new skills, Derek has added the last of the elemental hearts quest.  We aren’t quite there yet, but Eldari women will be on the menu soon!

Harem c7m6
Content additions
-In your first training session you learned quite a bit about Chinua.  It's time to start molding her into a suitable woman, and her fellow Elani Kathleen should be helpful in doing so.
-Rachel's shop has started selling Orichalcum weapons and if you do some work she might be able to add some armor into the shop.  And some new moves in the bedroo... dungeon!  After getting her assessed at first.
-While you met all kinds of beautiful women at Mercalius's party, everyone else seems more interested in the dead body found the morning after.  Maybe if you investigate the latter you'll find the former.
-The quest to find a way to get to the mysterious Eldari is coming to a close, but you'll need to find the earth elementals.  If you only had a woman in the harem who can sense elementals and just got a lot more powerful.
-Speaking of training, Donnie/Tomas is helping to train your women now. Angelica's turn, although her standards are quite high...
-6 new scenes added to the game!  (likely another 1-2 to come)
-181 new images, 186 pages of new text (likely another ~20 to come)

Bug fixes/QoL changes
-Updated a few characters at base
-Donna will relearn her Inner Focus skill if she had it in Celee
-Various portrait/text fixes
-Updated ch6+ mechanical guide to make it a bit more readable.

Overall, I’m happy with the new content in 7m6 and I hope you enjoy it!  And as always, I love to get any kind of feedback you have, my players have a huge amount of influence on how the game is developed.  I will be releasing a Harem 7m6.1 early next week as well.  I wanted to add a Legate+ scene and something in The King’s Pleasure, but I’m not sure if I’m having a writers block involving those or just a bit worn out.  So I decided to release 7m6 without and spend the weekend seeing if I can get those done for a .1 release.

And with 7m6 being released to my patrons ,7m5 becomes the public version!  My patrons may know Chinua’s secret, it is now your time to learn it in a very hands-on training session with her.  But the real highlight of 7m5 was the two parties.  Caliga finally is throwing his ball, meaning you’ll finally get your chance to see all of Claudia.  And Mercalius is throwing a party in Meti with a bunch of new women to meet, and a night alone with Angelica!  Mercalius is also the gatekeeper to get back into Celee, but you will have to earn his trust before he’ll let you back into that agitated area.

Harem c7m5
-After months of work to get invites, Caliga's ball is finally happening.  And with that, your night with Claudia and chance to make her into your woman!
-Speaking of parties, I could call c7m5 'The Tale of Two Parties'.  And Mercalius knows how to party... and he has a certain secretary that could use a taste of your power... and a rather hot wife!
-Chinua has been brought to your base for training in swordplay.  Time to teach her how to handle a piece of steel
-But it can't all be just fun and sexy bits.  Mercalius does have work to be done as well!
-A document has been added to /walkthroughs, outlining the History of Rata from Kathleen's perspective.  It will be added in-game in a later update
-5 new in-game scenes added (2 dance), 1 more to the Legate+ category
-224 pages of new text added, 207 new images

Bug fixes/QoL
-Numerous combat changes, reducing frequency of AoE from enemies and adding base attack to all enemies
-Fixed BGM assignment at start of game
-Numerous text/portrait/other issues.  Thanks for the reports TG
-Simplified Westlands Camps, shouldn't be possible to get stuck there anymore

Sunday, June 3, 2018

We have a wiki! And 7m6 update.

First, a huge thanks to Leonard for setting up the start for a Harem wiki.  It’s one of the things commonly requested and something I know very little about creating, so him spending the time to create it!  As far as I understand how wiki’s work, their designed to let community members log on and add information that they think should be added.  With a hundred people making small updates, they can grow to be incredibly comprehensive.  Although this will mostly be a community thing, every page I write in the wiki is a page of content that I don’t write for Harem.  And I’d rather be making content for Harem then talking about the content already in Harem.

Speaking of making content, work on 7m6 is going well.  Been in beta for about a week now and have caught the vast majority of the bugs (I hope).  As the testers work, I’m finishing up the last of the written content and images.  Already have ~150 pages of content and images ready or already in the beta, hoping to get both near if not over 200 by the time we release.  I’m penciling in Friday the 8th for the release, which should give you all the weekend to enjoy the new content.  And at the same time that 7m6 comes out to patrons, 7m5 will go public.

As always, thank you for the support!

Monday, May 21, 2018

Harem c7m6 update

Hello everyone!  I’ve hope you enjoyed the new content released in Harem c7m5 (if you’re a patron) or 7m4.  And I hope you took the time to try t51’s VN dating sim, not really my own preference in adult games but to each their own!
Harem c7m6 is coming along well.  About half-way through the development cycle we have over a hundred pages written, about 100 images created and most of the base code already in place.  Exactly where I would hope to be about this time of the month.  Hopefully I’ll be able to start beta testing by the next week, again about when I would want to start beta testing for an early-month release.  Which feels very strange.  After all the hurdles and bumps Harem’s development has gone through in the last year, simply being on schedule is not the norm.  But a good thing!

So what’s coming in Harem c7m6?  More things to do and more ‘things’ to see of course!  The next step in Chinua’s training and you’ll be learning more about her, the history of the Elan and more about the fabled First Empire.  In exchange, she’ll learn more about her own people, particularly about their more relaxed sexual mores.  Which would be quite pleasant for you as well.  But it can’t all be fun and games, there was a noble murdered.  Not that you care, but his beautiful mistress disappeared at the same time, and that is of interest to you.  Terra is more powerful than ever before, maybe she can find the last elemental hearts that you need to craft the Solis diamond.  And hopefully get either hers or Noemi their turn in The King’s Pleasure, as well as a bit more practice for Donnie/Tomas and an expanded inventory for Rachel!

All that I’m hoping will make it into 7m6.  What’s further into the ‘maybe’ category would be another questline in Elan to further undermine Caliga involving Ralap, a noble you met at the party.  I’d love to get both Noemi and Terra’s training done this month, as well as maybe a bit of progress with either Fiona (not-Eowen path) and Edrin, but those are probably on the wrong side of the bubble already.

If you want to get instant access to Harem c7m5, I of course would love your support!  Maybe a few teasers will get you more interested!

If you haven’t had a chance to try out T51b’s new game, give it a shot at: