Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Brothel poll

I’ve been getting a lot of great feedback from everyone, and I really do want to take it to heart.

While we’re the ones developing the game, you are the ones playing it and I do want to make the Harem the best game I can, and that means focusing on what people enjoy.  The feedback I got on the dark route absolutely influenced my development of chapter 4 (and it’s not too late to pledge to get it early!) and another topic which  has come up periodically is the brothel that you set up in Eowen in version 1.  While I was never satisfied with the quality of content it provided and thus cut it out of version 2, I’m not opposed to recreating it, focusing on making it much higher quality along with everything else in version 2.

This poll will be worded a bit oddly.   As a player, more content is always better and I want everything possible in the game.  But as a developer, I realize that everything added must come at the cost of something else not added.  So what I need to know is the priority to give development of the brothel, and the answers will be in terms of what’s cut to find the time to work on it.

Brothel development will always be part of the minor releases.  Working on the chapters themselves is a big enough job to consume the entire month, in each minor my goal has been to have 2-3 sidequest lines with 5-8 quests overall and a similar number of scenes either included or separate from the quests.  So how much time should I focus on that versus how much those versus how much time on the brothel?

This is the public version of the poll, separate from the Patreon version
Poll closed as max respondents have been hit

Also this is a bit old now, but I had put a down a rough roadmap of the next few updates if people want to see it.  It is a public post.


  1. 2 things. one thing i noticed was the camp didnt provide funds after the "take over" but it was a minor thing and more then just money can be done (think herbs and other things that can make cash but not needed but something cool to think one). and 2 for the brothel i think u can do it but maybe not add all the pic and whatnot at once but add 1-3 of them on each patch and only allow those girls in at that time. it would cut done and dev since u will have to do tons of new scenes and texts just for each girl. and by the time u get to chap 5 u MIGHT have all the girls done but its up to u. and in terms of what would be taken out give us an example so we can choose what we like better (like apples and oranges time of thing. if where shown both we can choose what most people like). yes i know this is alot of text and last thought this game kicks ass GJ

    1. Sure. So 1 questline is guaranteed to happen: Noemi's capture.
      2: Noemi/Phoebe quests in the westlands
      3/4: More interactions with Vanessa/Fiona

      As the poll currently stands 4 will be cut, maybe 3.

    2. Oh and on the Westlands camp I just haven't had time to develop anything for it. I'll probably be leaning toward some kind of income and income/item grinding zones as a reward that that might be a bit down the road. Lots of other things I'm working on!

  2. I wish that we could see the results of the poll!

    1. Sorry, I didn't know that monkey didn't give you an options to see it after voting